Fu Yixiang: “Suning will continue to invest, they want to take Inter to the top”

April 21, 2017 15:30
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Fu Yixiang, the vice president of the China-Italy chamber of commerce spoke on Suning in an interview with Il Giorno:

The Zhang family serious because after Inter they now want to buy the Velasca Tower?

 “I know that on March 29 Antonio Percassi had been in Nanjing to talk with the leaders of Suning. I know that they discussed many things, there will be collaboration not only from a sporting point of view.”

So we’re not just talking about them buying football clubs and football academies but prestigious buildings also?

“True, but from here to say that everything will come to fruition is far away. I do not know if Unipol wants to sell, even though Zhang Jindong is a big businessman and has enormous economic potential.”

You’ve said many times that Suning is a big company and not scared to invest…

“Suning is one of China biggest brands, comparable to MediaWorld in Italy. Zhang Jindong has decided to invest in football to expand his business in Europe, he has entrusted his son Zhang junior but realises that he has to invest with intelligence, this is true for Inter and all other sectors, including real estate, and even if the results do not come in the short term, he will continue to make his investments. The stadium? An idea.”

Is there a risk that so much enthusiasm in sport can take away enthusiasm elsewhere?

“I do not think so. I know that Zhang makes long-term decisions and loves doing things right. He will stay in Italy to bring Inter back to top. Suning does not need immediate revenue from Inter. He has already paid the debts, now wants to make Inter attractive in the eyes of the sponsors, but at the same time tries to exploit the brand of his companies.”

Source: FCInterNews.it

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