OFFICIAL: Ausilio renews until 2020

April 21, 2017 18:17
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Don Ausilio







Piero Ausilio has renewed his contract with Inter through to June 2020 Inter have announced. Speaking on the renewal, the Nerazzurri sporting director said: “After nearly 20 years at Inter, from the academy to the first team, it’s an honour and I am very happy to continue my path in the club. I thank Suning, the chairman Zhang, Steven and all the management for the trust placed in me, together we will continue to strengthen the team to bring Inter to the top of Italian football and European.”


Cammy Anderson
By Cammy Anderson
  • Amin Sadrnejad

    Totally deserved.

    • Marciajsims

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  • casperv

    Bang! Didn’t really see that coming- he wanted Pioli and if he’s sacked I though Suning would want another director of sport especially upon the Mancini and De Boer mess.. but okay now he really needs to show us his transfer magics next in the summer

    • il Biscione

      Agreed. Next summer is make it or brake it for him.

      • casperv

        Well, with a contract running until 2020 it means he’s safe the next 2-3 years

        • il Biscione

          There is no such thing as safe in football. He probably doesn’t even earn huge sums so he can be kicked out anytime. 2020 means “we trust you, for now.”

          • casperv

            True, and Suning seems to be all about results but still gives everyone a fair chance to shine – and THEN they acts if necessary, unlike Moratti who simply acted!

    • Azzkikr

      There will still be FFP restrictions next season + inter will likely not even be in europe, so its limited who Inter can attract.

      • casperv

        We need to break even by July (the 2017 budget which will be looked at next year same time). And with the right amount of player sales, new sponsorships and hopefully a cl position next year we’ll have found the +30 we need…

        Besides, if we don’t qualify for Europe next season we don’t even need to worry about FFP !

      • casperv

        We’ll get out of the FFP regulations by the end of June – if we manage to present a balanced budget. Of course Uefa will be following us the next year too but not like they used to do.
        Suning is trying to get us new sponsorship deals by the end of May/June to help balance the budget and one big player sale will help a lot too (Broso/Murillo).

    • Amin Sadrnejad

      The Mancio and FDSHIT mess is about Thohir not him.

      • casperv

        As director of sports he of course also has a part of the blame… and spending 30 for Gabi?

        • frigo

          Yes, he wanted Pioli and he’s performing decent, considering circumstances! Most of the fans somehow forgot in what condition we were before Pioli and it’s undeniable that Juventus, Napoli and Roma now have better teams with much more experience than us. Let alone how was performing players like D’Ambrosio, Kondogbia, Eder, etc. and how he revitalize them!

          I’m almost sure that Gabriel Barbosa wasn’t entirely his choice, but more Suning’s, they want to show power, especially after failure with Gabriel Jesus. He have failures, who doesn’t, but he’s the man how brought Handanovic, Medel, Miranda, Gagliardini, Perisic, Icardi, etc., even Murillo and Brozovic both for 8 million, Banega for free, all of them now are much more expensive!

          • casperv

            True he didn’t well when we hadn’t any money getting us good players for a low fee and selling others with huge profits (kovacic, Broso if he leaves).
            And I agree with you on Pioli – I’ve been saying more or less the same thing the last month, but of he doesn’t manage to pull the team out of the crisis we’re in now before the end of the season, he should leave.
            Still I agree that he has done a great job

        • Amin Sadrnejad

          In those days I read everywhere that he and Zanetti wanted an Italian guy not a foreigner.

          About Gabi, I’m not sure. I believe there’s something we don’t know about, cause it’s not logical if someone gets absolutely NOOOOO chance at all.

          • casperv

            Really? Can’t remember, only remember that in November it was said that Zanetti and Ausilio wanted an Italian coach….

          • Amin Sadrnejad

            No. FDB was purely Thohir’s decision.

    • Omar

      Me too bro