Orsi: “Juventus played better than Inter in 2010”

April 21, 2017 06:30
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Speaking to Radio Radio, Fernando Orsi said that this Juventus side in their tie against Barcelona in the UEFA Champions League quarterfinals played better than what Inter did seven years ago against the same opponent in the semifinals.

“This Juve side played better and became more aware of the opponent,” said Orsi. “Yesterday, there was the fear of playing at Camp Nou, but Juventus was superior to Barcelona.”

“Juventus defended very well and could have started better. Nevertheless, the Bianconeri suffered but praise must be given in Massimiliano Allegri who handled the team in the best way.”

Source: Radio Radio

Editorial Staff
By Editorial Staff
  • just one of millions interisti

    Try to play with 10 players against barca 2010

  • defcon

    jeez what is this shit. all this hype. they aint event win the champion league yet. they still have to pass semifinal and final!

  • JAY

    few things I need to say :
    1. He said rube was more aware of their capabilities
    2. Inter was the first team to shut down Barcelona at that time now days even low Spanish teams can get results from barca
    3. 2010 Barcelona had the best most informed messi, look it up, messi lovers know it (Im one)
    4. This rube team is much more expensive than inters team in 2010
    5. we were down to 10 men vs. farca from the 30 minutes and the ref was on farca side unlike the penalty that wasn’t called for barca vs. rube when the ball hit the rube defenders hand and totally changes direction
    6. suarez is in a major bad form and barca’s defense is the all time worse
    7. barca vs. rube had the person in charge that I don’t even call a coach Im better than him , vs. us that faced guardiola one of the best coach in the world

    • Omar

      That rube coach copied Mou’s tactics

      • JAY

        yes and keep in mind suarez and rakitic and iniesta was having off days

  • La Selecta

    they always have to mention Inter in one way or another. what a bunch of fucking clowns!

  • Serji

    Loooooool, back to 2010 we completely outplayed THREE best teams in the world Guardiola’s Barca among them, who somebody says was the best team in football history and I was sure we could fuck them 1-0 away, just to underline our strength, but red card you know… Rube cunts just act as always. YOU CAN BUY SCUDETTO, BUT YOU CAN’T BUY REAL GLORY, bitch!

  • Cdp

    You compared this varca to 2010 barca??
    Xavi iniesta busquet with rakitic busquet andregomes?? Loll
    Messi at his prime will run pass chielini like he don’t even there..
    There is puyol in the back back in 2010 dybala will doin nothin if puyol was still there..

    • JAY

      yap puyol would molest that little kid

  • macanoo muriidi

    Xavi and Iniesta at their best would destroy khadira and pjanic he’s mad we were one man down early aswell crazy Jube

  • Playmaker

    he should go to hospital, he have problem with his eyes or brain.

  • Amin Sadrnejad

    The guy is on acid.

  • FB

    .. and I’m sure being part of Mancini’s staff pre-Mourinho has nothing to do with your objectivity right ???

    • JAY


  • Bellal Amerkhail

    2010 barcelona was argably way better

  • Inter4ever

    Are you an idiot? Have you seen Barca 2010? When they had an actual defence and midfield. Not just three top strikers.

    • il Biscione

      Yep, he’s an idiot. Only a Rube clown would compare those teams. They would have been eaten alive by Barcelona 2010.

      • Inter4ever

        Honestly… We even got screwed over in the second leg by bullshit refereeing.

        Who the heck can withstand that Barca in 80 minutes!? Rube cunts. I hope Madrid eat them alive.

        • il Biscione

          Everyone was sure Barca would win CL that year. They had Xavi, Puyol, Dani Alves in their prime. Even Iniesta and Messi were much better than now. Ibra was at least as good as Suarez. Madrid should beat them unless their key players get injured. Even Monaco is pretty much on a same level as Rube, if not better.

  • Interfan99

    Meh, this barcelona side can’t even compare than that of 2010 barcelona

    • Omar

      Not just that, Allegri copied Mou’s tactics in both legs, he even used Mandzukic same as Mou used Eto’

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