Curva Nord banner: “We are the only ones that honour Inter’s history”

April 30, 2017 23:15
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The Curva Nord unfurled a banner shortly after kick off, attacking those in charge and on the pitch: “Totally absent leadership. On the pitch we have half-men with no pride or grit. Despite everything, we are the only ones in 60,000 that honour our history.”


Cammy Anderson
By Cammy Anderson
  • Serji

    All people who support this club during these miserable 7 years are world class fans. I can’t believe that I am still in the game, but ready to argue that I can wait and our days of glory will come, so then a new journey for a Treble will start, because we have earned it through suffering. Hold on, be strong. Cheers!

  • casperv

    They´re right – the players are not good enough and many do not seem to care! Especially the forigners! That´s why we should build a core of Italians who all know all about Inter´s strorie and what it means to play for us. Berardi would surely give him right arm to play for us, being a Inter supporter and all!

    And Suning needs to be more visible and take more control. We need a strong man inside the pitch a leader (or two) and outside – what the fuck is Zanetti even doing as a vice pres.? He always says the same things when given an interview, Facchetti always spoke with a clear voice and said what he felt!

    Sacking Pioli only to get a no-name foreigner in to last 6 months would be so typical Inter!

    • Nu’man ‘Zeus’ Anggara

      italian recruitment is better about spirit, but must aware on quality if don’t want stuck with player like ambrosio and candreva.

      • Revadbaber

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      • casperv

        The 2 meantioned players were, with Handa, clearly our best players against Napoli – at least they TRIED to do something, because they CARE about the club, unlike Brozo and others – hey, even Perisic seemed to have his thoughts on something else and was super sluggish!

    • Asyrof Syarif

      I wish JZ4 take a coaching sertificate…

      • casperv

        why? Really doesn’t seems like a “out-side-the-pitch-leader” to me…

        • Asyrof Syarif

          aybe he can be an “inside the pitch leader”, he used to be a leader and has the vision of the game. I don’t think so it’s easy to gonna fade away.

          • casperv

            hasn’t been any kind of a leader as a vice presedent…

  • Omar

    Everyone agrees that the majority of this team should be thrown away asap.. fuck you Mazzari days and Mazzari

    • casperv

      MAzzarri? Ausilio gave him the players he “needed” – him and Branca actually. Mazzarri asked for a quality right wing back to play his 3-5-2 and got Jonathan! At least he never gave up on Kovacic and tried him out in various positions!

      • Omar

        Exactly, those players he asked for, they’re not even worth serie c, and we’re stuck with them due to our financial problems. Kovacic is the act of Inter’s DNA, but that was not what I exactly meant, since his days amd the personality of this team dropped too much because we lacked quality players, now we’re struggling to get it back no matter what, since 1996 and I’ve never seen Inter like that and it all started since Mazzari’s days

        • Facchetti

          Branca and Ausilio are idiots. They listen to player agents and have NO ability to evaluate talent. Orialli did, with Mourinho they made a perfect partnership as Mourinho would tell him the type of player he wants and Orialli would go find them. Instead now we need wing backs, center backs and he finds midfielders. Orialli can’t come fast enough.

          Zanetti is completely fucking useless and is only VP because he’s an Inter legend, and for no other reason (to sell tickets basically). Half this team should be sold starting with Icardi and ending with Handa (sorry we need to rebuild ffs, no more of these half measured teams).

          • Omar

            I agree

        • casperv

          It all stared right after the triple, when Benites came in and told the “old fool Moratti” that the team was too old and not “hungry” any more because they had won everything there were to win.
          “The old fool” told him to shot it and to keep on playing like Mourinho did and so he was sacked..
          Moratti NEVER had a plan for the club, not financially nor when it came to develop a “red line” in side the club when it comes to chosing coaches!

          In stead of getting coaches with the same or similar playing stile he got totally different coaches that played with 4 at the back then 3, then attacking football, then defensive counter attacking football – and NON got the players they wanted to play their system!
          And then when the “going go tough” and the club really started bleeding money Moratti simply abandoned the sinking ship and sold the club!
          If you want to blame the mess we´re in now on someone, blame it on the “Old fool Moratti”.