Di Marzio: Stramaccioni new adventure at Sparta Prague

April 30, 2017 06:30
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Doors for new adventures have opened for Andrea Stramaccioni. As reported by gianlucadimarzio.com, the former Inter coach is being evaluated for the Sparta Prague managerial position. He received an offer for a three-year deal to lead the team. The Italian was spotted in Czech Republic where today he met with the leaders of his possible new club.

Source: Gianlucadimarzio.com

Samer Alfahad
By Samer Alfahad
  • Alex

    Good coach, his problem was the fact that he was way too predictable, and was not tactically flexible. And to be fair to him he started his career in the worst bench of the whole Europe. Inter, were fans are terrible, and at the time, there was no investment.

  • Azzkikr

    Good news for Inter in case they qualify for the EL and runs into Sparta again next season.

    With Strama as their coach, Inter actually has a chance to win.

    • maxinh0

      Don’t be so devaluating. Strama’s bad run with inter wasn’t fully his fault. It wasn’t easy with so many key players injured.

  • nozanneti

    did that club made us looking like a small club some time ago ?

  • Inter5ever

    Good luck!

  • Bellal Amerkhail

    good luck strama..please buy nagatomo and brozovic from us please.