Matthäus: “Tonight Inter will win 3-2”

April 30, 2017 20:56
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Tonight at San Siro we will se Lothar Matthäus who before the game spoke with Inter Channel: “I always gave everything I had, we always played to win. This is my mentality and this is what I tried to give to my teammates, this was our weapon to win. We played for the club, for our fans and for ourselves. In fact, against Napoli, 29 years ago I made a really important goal that brought us the Scudetto. A lot of emotions. When we played, Serie A was the best championship. Every week it was like a small World Cup, every team had their champions. We were a team of friends, I remember the Germans –  besides Brehme, German like I am, I remember that we all were part of a group. From Bergomi to Berti, from Diaz to Zenga. Berti is still the same great guy as he was then, nothing has changed.”

About Pioli: “Tonight he needs to win, football is easy, when you play at home you need to win. You have to give everything you have in 90 minutes. It’s a compact team, maybe more in the back than in the attack. But Napoli is also strong, they want to profit from the fact that Roma lost today. Sarri and Pioli? They both work in great clubs with great histories, they just have to understand where they are. Icardi? He is fascinating, he is the captain and their best goal scorer. Every team needs a guy like this. Tonight he will score and the game will finish 3-2. My best moment in the Inter jersey? The goal against Napoli (2-1 in 1988-1989), this one I will never forget. And then the celebrations with the fans. I ask the fans to support the players not only when they win but also when they’re in trouble”.


Olof Svensson
By Olof Svensson