Pioli to PS: “Time to rebuild? No, Inter has the right foundation. Tonight I saw a good spirit”

April 30, 2017 23:47
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After the defeat against Napoli, Stefano Pioli spoke with Premium Sport:

Reactions to this defeat, whas Napoli too strong? “That Napoli is a strong team we already knew, we needed more precision. And not make the errors we did before the half time break that complicated the game. In the second half they weren’t as strong and we had some good opportunities. We had the right spirit, but we’re currently in a situation where we are not as dynamic as before and less precise, but the will was there”.

Has Zhang confirmed he’s believing in you? “This is the support I’ve had since I arrived. We have made a journey that has taken us to some good results, but in the last couple of months we haven’t gotten the results we need. Tonight we got the right reaction, but our opponents made us play a simple game. We had to overcome their initial pressure, but we didn’tmanage to do that”.

The fans have saved you and you have the support of the management, for the imminent future do you need to change everything or are we talking about small changes? “To change everything, I say no. We are at the beginning of a new cycle with new managment, new structure and new objectives. But we have a base from which we can construct something. What is left is to make good choices when it comes to transfers”.

Is Inter far from the main competition? “I think this team has something good to build from, we have some important players from which we can build from”.

But Inter has lost it’s identity, from today’s game also on a level of ideas? “”Judging from today’s game, I don’t agree. Maybe in other games we have been far from our identity and ideas, but today I don’t think we lacked strategies nor ideas. We lacked quality, the presicions when making passes, but today was a difficult game against a difficult opponent”.

This lack of dynamic, does that depend on physical aspects? With a midfielder in front of the defence could that mean more coverage for the central players? “The dynamic is not due to physical problems. Before we moved better and were better in moving ourselves. One of the problems tonught was the compactness of Napoli, who knows how to win away against difficult opposition. Our defenders were up against difficult attackers, we conceded some chances but that’s normal. Napoli creates a lot of opportunities. But our defensive phase was better in respect to our last game where we conceded five goals. We work hard in order to return at our true level”.

A lot of good players, but Inter is still out of the European competition, how come? “After a great rebound we got into some trouble. The championship isn’t over, there are still 4 games to play and Milan isn’t that far away. We have to work hard in these last four games”.


Olof Svensson
By Olof Svensson