VOTE: Who Is Your Man Of The Match for Inter 0 – 1 Napoli?

April 30, 2017 23:08
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Inter’s poor April form continued with yet another defeat, this time against Napoli at the San Siro. The visitors dominated proceedings but were unable to break the deadlock despite several great chances. Instead a moment of insanity by Yuto Nagatomo gifted the 3 points when passing the ball to José Callejon just before half-time.

On the other end Inter looked completely unable to threaten Pepe Reina in Napoli’s goal, managing to create a couple of half-chances that were never going to cause the Partenopei any real trouble. Meanwhile Napoli looked lethal marauding down Inter’s left flank forcing Handanovic to make many qualified saves.

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Nima Tavallaey Roodsari
By Nima Tavallaey Roodsari
  • diego milleto 1

    All our players and coach are shit perisic was 1 of the hottest players in europe at start of season now he’s barely half the player he used to be wtf happened? Also why do inter wear SO MUCH YELLOW,,ITS DISGUSTING! Yellow socks like the referees yellow on the shirts,,, yellow was never part of inters colors it’s always been the The black and blue and whi black and blue on away strip,,,,,, yellow is not inter

  • Alexis

    Nagashito ofcourse

  • Alex

    I’m speechless. If I was Gagliardini, Icardi, etc why should I run my ass off so Nagashito could hand the result into Napoli’s hands.

    Pioli is a cunt. He’s been losing points after points, and still start the same fuckin line up and formation. Why not starting Gabigol, Pinamonti, and a LB from primavera?

    We never had a brave coach since Mou. They were either scared cunts like Mazzzarri, Mancini, Pioli, etc
    Or crazy like Leonardo and Strama..

    • casperv

      Mou, brave!?? He played cattanaccio counter attacking football! He never won any games 7-1 or 5-1 Pioli did only one month ago with a lot worse team than Mourinho!

      • Biscione

        attacking football wins matches, defensive football wins titles.

        • casperv

          as the old Italian saying goes…. 🙂 And it´s true!

      • Asyrof Syarif

        7-1 in a match just earned 3 points. So much better if we got 19 points with that sums score without losing a game….

        • casperv

          true would by super nice to win all games against all team, and then make it to the CL as the champions and then next year win all games too, and win the Triple yet again – but hey, we got shitty players that do not care! All they care for is the CL and now that´s gone and so is their will to fight for the club!

      • Alex

        Mou was brave in terms of giving young players a shot. Balotelli got many games even though Mou had Adriano, Milito, and Eto’o in his disposal. Santon got many games evem though we had Zanetti, Maicon. Now we have zero depth but still Pioli doesn’t have the balls to play a 30m player like Gabigol. Or you cannot be anymore shit than Nagashit, yet he doesn’t play a primavera player.

        • casperv

          Well some times we remember what we want to remember and forget the truth.
          Mourinho didn’t play with a lot of youngsters, in fact he has never been known for given young players much playing time not until now at Man Utd…
          Mancini “invented” Balotti and had him fr 1-2 years before Mourinho came along, and infact when Mancini left all hell broke lose and Balotelli started behaving like the “balo” we knwo today. Infact he got banned from the in January 2009. Then 2010 Mancini went back as the new City coach and brought Balo to City – but it was Mancini who gave Balo as chance to shine and gave him playing time.
          As for Adriano? He wasn’t at Inter when Mou came! He left 2008 if I´m not mistaken to Brazil on loan….
          Mourinho played Santon and “invented him” true, but he only played as a back up to Chivu who played all the big games (of course except the game that made Santon´s name, against Utd and C.Ronaldo)
          Besides Zanetti played as a box to box player/defensive midfielder at that time and Maicon as a right back – Santon was a left back only.
          I hope Gabi will take a loan deal in Italy next year and learn how to play in Serie A and then return a stronger player, just like Adriano did at Parma! And of course you don’t play a primavera player over Nagatomo (when Ansaldi is injured) in a game against Napoli!

          • Alex

            Do you remember how well Gnou played in his debute against Milan?!
            I repeatedly have mentioned that I’d choose a stick over Nagatomo.
            Pioli’s actions doesn’t deserve defending.
            4-2-3-1 is clearly not working these days, people have figured us out. Yet he plays the same damn formation and swap Mario with Banega here and there.

          • casperv

            Of course I remember the games Gnou played under Mancini and how great he seemed.. But I also remember his lackluster performances under FdB… and if I´m not mistaken he struggles for playing time today…

            The 4-2-3-1 isn’t my cup of tee either .. I prefere a 2 man striker partnership on top, but it´s the system the club wants. Ever since Thohir came in he said that he likes that system and every coach to have ever come to club since then has played that system.

            Thohir losing power at the club is clear and now the club seems to be interested in more flexible coaches like Conte with his 3-4-3/3-5-2 or Simeone 4-4-2/4-5-1 or Jardim…

          • diego milleto 1

            I think every player was lackluster under fdb u idiot

          • Alex

            No need for throwing names. We are all Nerazzurris … Brothers of the world!

          • diego milleto 1

            Sorry I apologize mate

          • Alex

            How many clubs play with 2 strikers in this day and age?
            4-2-3-1 isn’t a bad formation, I get it that we can’t play 3-5-1-1 since we have no reliable LW. Although Ansaldi in my mind would be a better LW than LB. I also want to see a 4-3-3 with Gagliardini as our DM and Banega and Mario as our box-to-box. We need to be tactically flexible, with throwing young players here and there that are hungry to show their talent. But Pioli is scared and not the man for the job..

          • casperv

            Well many teams play with 2 strikers on the pitch who doesn’t track much back – Dybala/Higuain – Mandzukic tracks a lot back and runs a lot but all 3 are all out strikers!
            Messi, Suarez and Neymar are all, all out strikers and Benzema and Ronaldo are strikers that do not track much back..
            But we have Icardi that doesn’t track much back ONLY! Candreva and Perisic likes to do so and are wingers, not strikers.
            I agree with the 4-3-3 would suite our players the best, but not that Gagliar should play as a DM – he´s much better going forward, Mario has a huge engine on him and he can run like there´s no tomorrow and would be great as a box-to-box player- but Banega surely is not a box-to-box player. He never lasts beond the 75 minutes, and that´s as a trequesta who doesn’t track back to defend!
            We need a defensive midfielder behind Gagliar and Mario to leave to attack. Krychowiak/Naingglan/De Rossi..

          • diego milleto 1

            Gabi hasn’t had a full seria a game to show us if he can play in seria a you fool! He is 100% better option than palacio has been but the cunt pioli is a dummy arrogant looser who is about to be sacked

          • casperv

            Just banned your sorry brain dead ass, so will never be able to read your childish stupid comments again!

          • diego milleto 1

            You have no friends on this page you are a big mouth

      • diego milleto 1

        Shut up casperv you always argue and fight with interista you idiot remember we are all interista so instead of always being the 1st to disagree with me or many other interista instead maybe try and shut up and respect people’s opinion not always act like a big mouth hero who has never been to a inter milan match but thinks he is always mr right please just shut up you dumb looser you are not a inteista I believe your a milanese

  • syahrul sembarang

    Cmon nima, rather than making this vote better you make vote like who’s player should be retained

  • Walter White

    Voted Nagatomo for his assist.

    • Omar

      Couldn’t watch the game but I saw his name, and I voted for him

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  • Serji

    It’s strange but I didn’t notice players in shirts of my favorite club, FUCK. It’s OK, it’s OK…