Player Ratings – Inter 0 – 1 Napoli: The Nagatomo Factor

May 1, 2017 09:00
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Another game, another howler of a performance by a full back. After somehow holding on to dear life for 43 minutes, Inter pressed the self destruct button/punched themselves in the gut yet again.

With the mental strength of this Inter being currently weak, a mistake from Nagatomo was enough for Napoli to complete their double over the Nerazzurri in the Serie A this season.

Samir Handanovic – 6.5: Gave it his best shot. In terms of mentality it was his best this season. He made some amazing saves and was quick of his line when needed.

Danilo D’Ambrosio- 5: Wasn’t his best performance but considering his limitations as a player he didn’t make any major mistakes and generally helped keep the ball.

Gary Medel – 5.5: One major mistake but played much better tonight. Lost his CB partner before kick off but led with as much calm as possible in the situation.

Jeison Murillo – 6:  Was everywhere. You cant doubt Jeison’s determination. Went after everything like a hunting dog on a mission. Too bad he got booked and misses Genoa.

Yuto Nagatomo – 3: Is there anything left to say? We had almost got into HT with a 0-0 in hand before he decided to have a brain fart. 7 years of these brain farts. Get out!

Roberto Gagliardini – 5: Its difficult to play your natural game where the team isnt working with you. A couple of times he lost the ball as no one gave him a shout. Ineffective.

Marcelo Brozovic – 5: His first half was strictly decent. Marcelo also linked with Perisic well but then suddenly his performance dropped off a cliff. Frustrating to watch.

Antonio Candreva – 4.5: Started brightly and was the only player to run at the Napoli defense. That was about it. 2 accurate crosses in 15 attempts isnt good enough at any level.

Joao Mario – 6: The only bright spark in our midfield tonight. He was linking all forward forays we had before Pioli decided to sub him. Don’t know why that happened.

Eder – 5.5: Didn’t find the ball on his left flank so he started coming central and then basically was like a 3rd defensive mid chasing the ball. Poor shots as usual.

Mauro Icardi – 5: The team didn’t create anything for Mauro, he only had 1 diving header that went wide. He created a nice chance for Candreva. Then he went missing.

Ivan Perisic – 4.5: Doesn’t look fit at all. Hasn’t looked good consistently for a very long time now. But I get the feeling that the problem is also mental, he is already on vacation.

Ever Banega – 5.5: Tried to spark some life into Inter. Little does he know that dead people only get back up in movies. Never stopped running and creating spaces in his short stint.

Marco Andreolli – 5.5: Some good hard tackles but Napoli didn’t really challenge us in the last 10 mins or so. Moved the ball well when he had the chance.

Stefano Pioli – 5: We will have to bring Einstein back to understand why he made the Joao Mario sub. Then Albert will tell us why Candreva and Naga start. Uninspiring.

Gianluca Rocchi – 6: This is probably the highest rating he will ever get from SempreInter. Was very unlike himself today and not hard on Inter. Didn’t have major decisions to make and so got none wrong.

Inter – 4.5: No top club can have a month where they take only 1 point from 5 games. Unacceptable. “We tried to work as a team”…tried. Too little too late.

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Suneet Bajaj
By Suneet Bajaj
  • Michael Rojas

    Just wanted to post that after the game I played FIFA Inter vs Napoli to kinda avenge my team using the same lineup and same subs. Nope, I lost 1-0 fuckin Nagatomo gave them a penalty. I guess he’s the same whether it’s real life or in a video game

  • I miss Marco Branca at Inter !

    this team has so many issuess so let me list a few:

    1 – Inter’s defense is Miranda. If there is 1 player that should be the team captain it’s Miranda because without him, inter does not know how to defend.
    2 – After 7 years of watching Nagatomo costing this team team more points than he helps this team to win what possesses a coach to start him ?
    3 – Medel should never touch the field. The more Medel plays the worse the team performs.
    4-Without Miranda on the Defense, Dambrosio is friggin GARBAGE !
    5-This year the only reason the annual Ganuary collapse did not take place was because you fired FDB before CHristmas. Hiring Pioli only delayed it to April. EVERY YEAR THIS TEAM CHOKES FOR A MONTH IT’S IN INTER’S DNA !!
    6-Have you seen how overpaid this squad is ? just look at Atalanta’s payroll, they have more points with a fifth of the payroll

    shall i continue ??

    • il Biscione

      Please do.

  • igo

    before, we say shit about de boer and hail pioli? lol. and then now blame pioli and ask a new coach? Come on. the squad are crazy, the management are crazy, this whole club are crazy. many people say these years the sh*t and blame is not always to the coach, but a whole factors combining together. and guess what, not turn to fix it internally, we keep it in old ways—> changing coach every single year

  • Amin Sadrnejad

    I was defending Pioli before this one, but now I’m done with him

    I know we have too many shitty bastards in our roster, but when u choose Naga, Brozo and Eder in front of Ansaldi (Santon), Kondo and Perisic and take out Mario for no fucking reason, u have sone mental issue with no coaching skills.

    • San Siro

      Pioli doesn’t like South Americans. He wants all Italians.

      • Amin Sadrnejad

        Naga, Brozo and Palacio are not Italian. I think this guy doesn’t have the guts and brain. Period.

    • il Biscione

      Agreed. I have the same sentiments. Pioli has just lost it. Stupid to keep a clueless coach for another year with an argument that we might find a great one in one years time. Would that be like year -1 or something?

    • Michael Rojas

      I agree with you however Perisic didn’t start due to being sick and Ansaldi was injured. Nagatomo was used i guess for his speed but not for brain. I’d rather have started Santon. As for the rest i’m not sure why Kondo wasn’t played and why Mario was subbed off. Again we needed to refresh our attack and should have taken replaced Candreva for Gabi. Eder for Perisic was correct, Andreolli for Murillo was right but Banega for Mario really?

  • postal

    3 for Naga? Too gracious! With the impact he had yesterday I’d start using negative numbers. A solid -7 would suffice.

    • I miss Marco Branca at Inter !

      i hardly call a team a finishes their league in 6th 9th 5th 8th 4th and now 7th over the last 6 seasons a top European Club ? I don’t even consider making Europa league a top Italian club becuase if that was the case then Atalanta is a top European club and they are not so if Atalanta is not considered a Top European club then why should Inter be considered a top European Club ?

  • Michael

    there is something wrong in this team, some kind of disease or virus which contaminate everyone, that even the good player, play like shit once join Inter, maybe this team need to sell all the players and get all the new one, and get the new coach as well, to clear out the virus, because we dont know who bring the virus in the team, maybe even all the youngster will works better than current team, i feel so tired to get hope high every season and immediately shattered right away by stupid mistake and wrong mentality of the team, but i will stay stupid and support Inter anyway lol

    • igo

      the effective way is find the source of the virus itself then throw it away, but yes i agree with you, who or what the virus is still a mystery

  • forza inter

    I don’t understand how many players we should change for next season #ausilioout

    • Revadbaber

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