Sky – Suning wanted to expediate Pioli’s contract renewal

May 10, 2017 20:22
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Sky Sports report that Suning wanted to speed up the process of renewing and extending Stefano Pioli’s contract.

According to the report Suning intended to expediate contract renewal talks in order to tie up Stefano Pioli over next season, at least this was their intentions until the team’s sudden drop in form. The reason behind this was that Stefano Pioli basically had an agreement to take over Fiorentina next season and at first Suning didn’t want to run the risk of losing what was up until March their very successful coach.

Furthermore, Sky Sport reports that Stefano Pioli has a clause in his contract with Inter which stipulates that if Suning decided to sack him before the end of the ongoing season, Inter are obliged to pay Stefano Pioli the entire amount of wages owed to the former Lazio coach for the remainder of his contract which was set to expire at the end of June 2018.

By Mario Gagliano