GDM: Inter can close the deal for Pepe soon

May 13, 2017 19:00
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The Nerazzurri is all set to add a new defender to their roster on a free transfer. Italian journalist Gianluca Di Marzio reported that Inter sporting director Ausilio has already agreed a deal for the player only the final approval from Suning is missing.



By Shibaprasad Bhattacharya
  • Binto Baggio

    We get rid mancini because his idea of old yaya toure, now out of nowhere suddenly we want pepe?

    • sleimani

      and we should have kept mancini and gotten yaya to help w the development of kdog/gaglia

  • who am i

    I think better if we sign badstuber from bayern he free now

  • frigo

    Vidic 2.0! I can understand that kind of transfer in two cases. If we have almost complete great squad and we only missing one or two pieces to compete with Juventus next season for Squdetto. And we expecting from Pepe his experience and character to help us for one season. Or if we was still in Thohir’s days and we don’t have enough money for quality reinforcements.

    But that’s not the case. We have enough resources and we’re still far to be competitive, we need to build up, that to be competitive in next 2-3 years. I don’t think how Pepe fit in this situation!

  • TQ

    Ausilio out please!!!

  • Alphonse

    Finally in this squad would play someone with guts.

  • Serji

    Age is not that vital for a defender and he can make a good partnership with Miranda, both speak Portuguese, and actually he has balls and skills, not that bad to take him for free, we need a fighter

    • casperv

      Yep, we need a fighter and a LEADER and he fits both…. still, would rather see him in the middle of a 3 man defense with Manolas and de Vrij maybe… think we should sell Miranda!

  • Nerazzuro21

    Ausilio needs to go before he totally ruins Inter. I hope Sabatini blocks the deal.

    • bajaninter

      You have to be kidding! For free is pretty dam good. He can bring his fighting attitude to our team plus he is world class miles better that what we have excluding Maranda. Two years should be enough. This would mean we save money on a defender and can put more into getting the other defender.

      • Nerazzuro21

        He’s already 34 years old. I doubt he has two quality years left in him. And 5m per year are crazy wages for someone of his age. I hope i am wrong.

        • bajaninter

          Well he isn’t showing signs of slowing down so just maybe. Plus with no EL he hasn’t much to do. His wages are monstrous but we can handle them.

        • DS

          In the last couple of years he’s playing the best football of his life.. Only thing Inter should be worried about is injuries, if he can stay healthy, he should be good reinforcement.

      • Nerazzurri88

        Yeah right, I think you like the taste of playing with 10 all the time cuz that’s what he’s gonna bring to our team. This guy is totally brainless and reckless on his game, besides he cannot keep his composure while defending. No wonder why he’d be coming for free.

        • bajaninter

          Ok well let’s keep the current bunch we have. They rarely get sent off but can’t defend for shit. Plus this guy starts for one of the best teams in the world and is on his way to win another CL. So yes I would take him.

        • sleimani

          actually, in recent years he’s learned to keep his cool.

    • sleimani

      He’s better than Miranda, most Brazilians don’t age well but you have exceptions like Cafu. Bring him on a 1+1 contract, would help mario settle and shore up our defense… he still has one year in him.

      • Nerazzuro21

        We’re bringing him on a 2+1 contract according to reports. I hope he ends up as good as Lucio for us.

      • casperv

        Pepe is Portugese… but still agree..

        • Alphonse

          Pepe is Brazilian.. he only got an Portuguese citizenship.

          • sleimani

            thank you! kind of like when Deco played for portugal.. like the Oriundi we have in Italy.

  • Inter4ever

    Better than the shit we have.

  • nozanneti

    hello vidić !
    inter/ausilio’s shit as usual.

  • Muyhdyn Adewale

    I don’t see him adding anything to our team.

  • Nerazzurri88

    Noooooooo! Please, GOD, NOOOOOO!