GDS: Pepe to Inter done, final call from Perez awaits

May 13, 2017 22:00
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Italian tabloid GDS provided further insight for the Pepe to Inter rumor. According to the tabloid, Pepe has agreed terms with the Italian club. He is now waiting for the final words from Real president Florentino Perez. If the Spanish club’s president gives the verdict that the defender has no future in Real, then the Nerazzurri will be his 1st choice among all.



By Shibaprasad Bhattacharya
  • Almir Hucic

    Inter obviously forgot about Nemanja Vidic fiasco.
    He was also someone with a lot of experience, a true leader and at the end a disaster. Invest in defense and let them play for years just like Juve did and in couple of years we will also be a force to be reckoned with!
    FFS Inter, do something logical for once!

  • Liverpool 39 Juventus 00

    Lets hope he is not victimized by referees from the start like Vidic was. But I fear he will be, especially if he helps Real beat the referee’s Juventus in the CL final.

  • Aaron

    Lol ..really can’t please everyone…everyone has been complaining about how inter lacks a leader..and oh how Icardi isn’t a leader…here is a perfect example of a leader ..two time(soon to be three) champions league winner…euros 2016 winner who lead Portugal to the finals quite an unsung hero.He is exactly the profile we need..and signings like this would attract other big names…this might very well be the spark to inter’s fire.Fingers crossed..and to all those complainin about wages? Um let me explain something to you..coming to a club where you’re nt even in Europe much less CL playing you tend to have to pay more…what else does inter have to offer besides money? History isn’t enough anymore.Money talks.

  • Interfan99

    So, its not done yet

  • frigo

    Thanks, but no thanks! We continue to repeat the same mistakes over and over again. Afterwards we starting to wonder, what’s wrong again and why we have to begin another year zero. With that kind of transfers like 34 years old Pepe, chinese what to think only for next season, deluding themselves that we can start wining right away. But that’s not the way things work, you need long time project, patience and building step by step, if you want something that will last. I’m still wondering why we still don’t have CEO, which supposed to be one of the most importants people, but we hiring less important positions?

    • Erik Kolmodin

      We lack experience and fighting spirit. Pepe would be perfect.

    • il Biscione

      Agreed. And Pepe won’t be able to do the same dirty shit he’s pulling out at Real shirt in Spain and Europe in Inter shirt. He’s old as hell also. I’d wish for another kind of leader than this guy. He will break the record of red cards in Serie A, if he ever even gets playtime For the love of god no to this transfer!

  • macanoo muriidi

    5mill per year salary 34years old is mockery

    • harendro

      Big salary issue also worries me….
      His grinta and experience would be wonderful though…

  • Alphonse

    I’m suprised, just like when Miranda come to us…

  • BrianTheDane

    I really really hope that he ain’t just another vidic 2.0
    And he’s known for not using his head in games…
    And 5 mil per year is way to much…

  • Inter4ever

    For free. A guy who’s playing at top level for years. Fights for his shirt, and is better than the little shits we have. Would be a good signing.

    • Lourdesdbroughton

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  • FcInterNj89

    Wow. This guy is an animal. The positive is that we won’t have to worry about playing against him, he’s a professional asassin. If he’s coming to Italy, it must be Inter. We can’t go against him twice, maybe three or four games depending how the coppa shakes out.

    • macanoo muriidi

      U delusional, the way u describing pepe, are u serious, he’s no Maldini nor Franco baresi. He’s defending is mediocre. And he’s no animal, go look at Melo In Brazil he’s like wolverine and he played for us causing trouble after trouble. This is against our progress. We should get acerbi of sussollo and massiallo of Atlanta.

      • FcInterNj89

        Not sure you’ve seen Pepe at his finest…pretty sure he took out his OWN keeper in a match Portugal vs Brazil…YouTube, then get back to me. Not saying he’s a legend, I’m saying he’s a dirty player.

  • casperv

    Very interesting re-inforcement! I´m sure he will come in as the big leader he is and help the defense a lot!