Di Marzio: Crucial times for Patrik Schick – Inter and Juventus duel

May 17, 2017 08:30
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These days for Patrik Schick are crucial, the Sampdoria striker has gained attention from giants, Inter Milan and Juventus. According to Gianlucadimarzio.com, his release clause is currently set at 25M Euros, but Sampdoria have been working on increasing his clause to 40M while offers are coming in at a reasonable 15M for the Czech.

In the upcoming days there will be decisive information on his release clause. Inter are pushing through with Antonio Romei, the manager of Sampdoria, while Juventus are using another method in the name of Pavel Nedved, Patrik’s compatriot, to lure him in.

The 21 year old has also attracted teams from the Premier League, and Bundesliga, specifically Borussia Dortmund.

Source: Gianlucadimarzio.com

Samer Alfahad
By Samer Alfahad
  • Liverpool 39 Juventus 00

    I dont think Juventus are serious, he is very much an individual – he never seems to pass the ball- remember Rube want little soldiers who do what they are told.

  • DS

    I’ll be pissed if Juve gets this guy instead of Inter, he’ll be the next big thing.

  • harendro

    If Icardi still in the house, no room for anyone else…at all…

    • Amin Sadrnejad

      Just imagine if we play 442 for one single time in oue history

      • igo

        remember the twin towers (adriano-ibra) at their best :p

        • Amin Sadrnejad

          Good old days man… Good old days.

        • Inter DiHati

          Ibra – Cruz, ah the good old days

      • Anang Shikamaru

        icardi cant play with another striker beside him..

        • Amin Sadrnejad

          Yes he can and he’ll learn.

  • Bellal Amerkhail

    get this kid and keep him on loan or sign him for the squad if we sell attackers.

  • Inter DiHati

    Just becareful to duel with rube in targeting players, they just want to play around with us and when the price is sky rocketing they run away… please keep in mind that they don’t need really good players since the have referees on their side

    • igo

      yeah every year bro. no wonder their players can sit focusing on playing and developing, they don’t need to worry about referees, while the other teams like us pfft