FCIN: Nagatomo’s future depends on Inter’s new manager

May 17, 2017 10:40
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yuto nagatomo

Yuto Nagatomo, the Japanese fullback, as one may assume, has been placed on the departing players list by Italian press. But at the moment the club has not notified the 30 year old, because Inter want to wait until the new manager arrives and evaluates the situation. He’ll then decide the Japanese’s future who’s contract expires on June 2019.

According to FcInterNews, in case of departure, Nagatomo will choose among foreign clubs in Germany and UK, while in Italy he’s admired by Sampdoria.

Source: FCInterNews

Samer Alfahad
By Samer Alfahad
  • inter_island

    Hate to burst your bubble guys but they just renewed him till 2019. He isn’t going anywhere.

  • Playmaker

    are the director need calculus, algebra or trigonometry to sum up the function to decide Yogatomo will stay or not. damn, just sell him or terminate his contract. Inter not going anywhere with this.

  • harendro

    isnt it also depends on Ausilio as technical director that can asses the squad as a whole..?

  • dimas

    if he stays for another season, i can say that our world class manager and director are 10bio degrees stupid.

    STUPIDIBILITY……..(Mortal Kombat)

  • Abdullah

    kill him !!!!

  • Amin Sadrnejad

    His fate decided by the new manager? Whatta joke! 8 managers have came and gone, and this little fuck is still here! I bet he can even survive a nuclear explosion!!!

    • ahmad albadoo

      hahahah… he used to be vice-Pereira

    • Saudijac_30

      hahahaha exactly

  • Inter4ever

    We’re officially a small club if we think like this.

  • Boudou

    I can only laugh at this even though, deep inside, I wanna cry when I read stuff like these for the 7 years in a row. And his buddy Rano is coming back to put the icing on the cake

    • igo

      we are complete bro. the triplet of naga-rano-dambo –> nothing can separate them ever

  • Zselic

    if the new manager wants him to stay, he is not the right manager

    • Boudou

      The fact that they want to wait before kicking the trash out of this team once again, means that we are still the most clueless club ever.