Ausilio: “We can not have a project if there is no continuity of leadership and ownership”

May 19, 2017 19:00
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Inter’s Sporting Director Piero Ausilio spoke on the changes Inter have went through since former long serving president Massimo Moratti’s departure from the club: “We can not have a project if there is no continuity of leadership and ownership. For a third year we are starting off with a new project. We have abandoned the concept of a wonderful property, as it was in Moratti’s time. He had always been successful in pursuing his passion. Moratti did not earn a euro from Inter. He was very happy to be able to emulate his father’s work.”

Ausilio then spoke on Erick Thohir’s arrival at the club: “Before arriving at the club, there was mogul in Indonesia who bought Inter, he did a good job and placed Inter on a path that today allows us strengthen on the new market where we need to consider revenues, since UEFA no longer allows you to invest as much money. Today everything has to be proportionate to revenue. We also have to comply with the conditions that require us to continue to participate in the European competitions.”

He concluded, discussing Juventus model they adopted since their relegation to Serie B: “Every day we find out in the newspapers what we will spend in the mercato, but the truth is that we have to respect the wage ceiling. Our turnover is between 200 and 230 million euros, while Juve, who regularly participates in the Champions League, is 400 million. There is almost a 200 million difference between Inter and Juve. After the relegation they worked on a business idea, they invested in the youth sector, they had a great vision from the managerial point of view. They staged and gradually raised salaries and worked on commercial development. They succeed in doing this with continuity and that’s why there is a big difference with the others. It’s a division that can still be widened and it’s hard to recover. One does not recover by buying up the best players, because then the best players go where there is more money, where they can play the Champions League, because they want to win. This does not mean that we give up, we have to develop a goal, risk something, and sometimes you reach your goals and achieve them and sometimes it goes wrong. You also have to risk taking young players. Gabigol? No, that’s something different, but I can not explain it.”


Cammy Anderson
By Cammy Anderson
  • Amin Sadrnejad

    On Mancio’s leaving, FdShit, leaving out Cuchu Milito and Wall, these are all Thohir’s shit, not Ausilio. He’s saying nobody is in charge of this club and he’s so right

  • Forzamatrix

    The problem of coach and player is number 999, the real problem is management. Look at the 2009/2010 season and what happens after Gabriele Oriali leaves? I dont want to blame ausilio, he deserves to be here but not as a sporting director.

  • nozanneti
  • igo

    a large piece of BS. the poor things happening since a long a** time. and based what i see it has the same pattern, i repeat “the same pattern with the moratti’s era”, what’s your excuses for that, huh????

  • Inter4ever

    Asshole acting like he isn’t a part of this.

  • Boudou

    Y’all need to go read the rest of this long interview and his long list of lame excuses. Suning too is at fault for still not having a real boss who captains the ship straight from the Pineta, I hope Sabatini will finally be that guy.
    Clearly baldy here is not capable of this. He basically said that the team is split into groups because of the age differences and the different ethnicities.

    • forza inter

      They said that someone recorded his voice without his knowledge. Amazing how fool he is. Or how italians newspapers always trying to harm inter

      • Boudou

        For real ? I was wondering what happened, because he was talking as if he was not in charge lol

        • Amin Sadrnejad

          Nobody is in charge in this club

        • Omar

          It’s not that I’m obsessed with gabigol, but just tak a look at his answer regarding the lad : I cannot explain it, if two coaches didn’t trust him, management can’t explain his situation, what’s the big deal with this guy, who bought him and why?

      • igo

        that only proved he’s fooling himself around to just spit about the team’s flaws. what kind of director of that?

    • Wruce Bayne

      a year ago he said inter is ready to compete and have good players and now he said the team is a mess lol, i hope we get leonardo as sporting director

      • Boudou

        Suning fucked up trying to run the club from china and Ausilio has zero charisma, that’s why Mancini left.

        We won’t get Leo now, with Sabatini. We can’t have two of those.
        What we need now, is to fire Ausilio or send him back to the youth team or whatever and give Sabatini full powers to run the sporting side. His track record is solid.

        • Wruce Bayne

          mancio left because of thohir, he wanted to brings unexperienced de boer and expecting the team will be the new arsenal.
          that is sounds better than our current conditions

          • defcon

            that’s not true. Mancio left because Suning didn’t agree with him regarding players.

          • Wruce Bayne

            it was true and it’s thohir intentions to sign de boer, ausilio also commented about that

          • Binto Baggio

            Thohir look for de boer after mancini resign, and mancini resign because disagreement about yaya toure, mancini wants him very bad sunning wants younger player

    • eermat

      Well spoken brother! We just need to keep faith and keep believing that things will change this summer.

    • frigo

      If you can read between the lines, that’s what he’s trying to say. He’s not in charge, football people in this club never was in charge. We all know what was happening in Moratti’s era, he decides everything, changing coaches like napkins, buying players that he likes (Recoba for example) and pressing coaches to play them. And nothing changed after him, sacking Mancini wasn’t Ausilio’s decision, De Boer wasn’t his decision, Gabriel Barbosa obviously wasn’t his decision and only God knows what more!

      What’s happening know, last summer transfer window Kia Jorabchian was the forcing power behind our decisions who to buy, this summer as it looks like Jorge Mendes will be the Man? But neither Jorabchian or Mendes are not sporting directors in Inter, Ausilio is! We still doesn’t have real CEO and president, but we’re taking very important decisions for next season, that’s ridiculous! Because they supposed to be the people who have to take them, because they supposed to be professionals! Not some greedy managers or the chinese, who doesn’t understand nothing about professional football!

      • Amin Sadrnejad

        Made sense in every single word, great comment bro

  • I miss Marco Branca at Inter !

    And everyone criticized Branca’s work with Inter………..Ausilio was by far worse. RE-HIRE MARCO BRANCA !!!

  • forza inter

    I think inter will terminate ausilio’s contract

    • kofko

      Well if he gets properly evaluated the numbers will probably point to his sacking

      • forza inter

        We should act fast

        • Omar

          The guy has good contacts and is a good negotiator but he lacks vision, he should be guided and directed to do a specific deal and never recommend nor choose any player

    • Amin Sadrnejad

      Why? He told the truth

    • Biscione

      Sacking him for finally showing some balls would be more than stupid.