Gazzetta – Ausilio likely to pay for his comments

May 19, 2017 23:59
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Don Ausilio

Gazzetta dello Sport report that Piero Ausilio was of the understanding that his meeting with students, where he revealed perhaps too much, was a private meeting. Inter’s Sporting Director was betrayed as his words were recorded and posted all over, now he is likely to pay.


Cammy Anderson
By Cammy Anderson
  • casperv

    Don’t really understand all the shit he gets for saying the things he said. I mean didn’t he just say the truth?
    Saying that the squad is divided into many small groups with people only speaking to those from the same area of the world, cultural background and with the same langue and that he team lacked a feel of belonging to the same group – plus him, indirectly critising Thohir, for his brain dead decision for getting ride of the 4 argentines that kept the “wining spirit” going inside the squad and at training. Wasn’t he simply saying the truth? Vecchi said the other day that the team hasn’t been working well at all during training with him when he came in and why? Because the squad lacks leaders who tell the rest “this is how we work at Inter”!!

    We need to start building an Italian team with great leaders in it and even leaders who maybe won’t play every game but who can show the way for the rest, players like De Rossi, Pepe, Nainggolan even Gustavo have the leading skills we need!

  • Playmaker

    if he the one who decided to extend nagatomo, medel, dumbo, rano. fire him !!

  • Sherif Magdi

    If he ever leaves it won’t be because of this incident, it will be because management will assign a new sports director

  • Yoav Atiass

    i really think thats a good thing..we should not be ashamed of our problems its better to admit it and handle it. telling the truth its better

    • xraytube

      Italians don’t know the truth.

  • Biscione

    Don’t punish him, he finally showed some balls.

    • Inter5ever

      He brought these shit players. Then acts like he has nothing to do with it.

      • Biscione

        11 mil for Dodo
        ” Kia’s fault ” haha

    • casperv

      He has shown balls all year – or since Pioli came under fire. The he started to criticize the players and their attitude in public, but nothing changed so maybe these is just the culmination of a very frustrated director of sports feelings towards these spoiled rats we call our players !