Player Ratings – Inter 5-2 Udinese: Goals galore

May 29, 2017 09:00
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The crowd at Stadio Giuseppe Meazza were treated to 7 goals last night in what was the final game for Rodrigo Palacio and Juan Pablo Carrizo in an Inter shirt. Palacio came on in the seconf half but failed to score as he hit the post when the Nerazzurri ran riot in the final Serie A match of the 2016/2017 seaon. Eder scored a brace as well as assisting Ivan Perisic who in turn made two assists aside from his goal from what is most likely also the Croatian’s last match in an Inter shirt.

Juan Pablo Carizzo – 5.5: Started in what will be his last game for Inter, gave the ball away a lot of times even when he wasn’t under pressure. No fault on the goals though

Danilo D’Ambrosio – 5.5: This was another typical Danilo performance. No risks taken, strong defending, avoiding any sort of risk. When you don’t notice a defender, it’s a good thing.

Gary Medel – 5.5: One of the easier games to be a central defender. Looked comfortable and looks like he was taken off only due to injury. Zapata was quiet when the Pitbull was around.

Marco Andreolli – 6: Continues his good form. No mistakes, playing the simple game and strong in tackle. Was beaten only once by an onrushing attacker in 90 minutes.

Davide Santon – 6.5: Had a fantastic start: the run and assist for the first goal was pure quality. After that he didn’t really try much. Moved into central defence in the 2nd half before being substituted as he was drained.

Roberto Gagliardini – 6: When he plays with Kondogbia it just clicks. He was dominating the midfield and contributed to both phases. Some great long range passing tonight.

Geoffrey Kondogbia – 6: Plays well along side Gagliardini as always. Was strong tonight, covered spaces and slowly grew into the game. Fought and closed down very well.

Antonio Candreva – 5.5: His middle name should be backpass. Don’t remember him ever taking a risk after the initial surges Inter had. Kept possession, didn’t cross or dribble even close enough.

Marcelo Brozovic – 7: Yes the fans booed him, but this was a great all round performance from Marcelo. Pressed well, combined with Ivan and was always dangerous.

Ivan Perisic – 7.5: Don’t think he’s looked this relaxed all season. Looked comfortable and on another level than the other 21 players on the pitch. Was that a goodbye performance?

Eder – 7.5: Hate to admit it but he was simply amazing tonight. Eder was everywhere, scoring, assisting, tackling and even defending. Is he finally settling in at Inter?

Yuto Nagatomo – 5.5: Looked vulnerable all 2nd half, didn’t get anything going in attack or make a stand out defensive move.

Rodrigo Palacio – 6: Unlucky when he hit the post tonight. Played really well and ran for the 30 minutes or so he was on the pitch. Can never doubt his effort. Thanks for everything El Trenza.

Trent Sainsbury – 5.5: Made his debut and took a booking for the team when Nagatomo was beaten on the left. First Australian to play for Inter but will return to Jiangsu Suning now.

Stefano Vecchi – 6.5: Still no defensive solidity but got the tactics and positioning right. He can now go back to coaching the Primavera in their upcoming Scudetto play-offs. Managed to motivate the team tonight.

Alessandro Di Paolo – 5.5: A couple of fouls were incorrectly adjudicated but overall both the referee and his linesmen were on the mark and fair tonight. No complaints here.

Inter – 6: The only thing that the team showed last night was that Inter can play like a top team and dominate opponents when the pressure is off their shoulders.

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Suneet Bajaj
By Suneet Bajaj
  • INTERisLife

    Couple things first was super glad perisic didnt pass to candreva
    Second this shoes he shouldnt leave n if he does let who ever buys him have 2 take brozo with him

  • Alex

    Santon made an assist! What was the last time that our fullbacks made such contribution?!

    My question from the fuckhead Pioli then Stubborn Vecchi is: why the didn’t start Santon instead of Yuto Nagashitomo a long time ago?
    How hard is it just to figure out that Nagatomo is shit?!

    • INTERisLife

      Santon was playing under poili got injured n couldnt get back in to the team he by far our best fb when fit but hes way to injury prone

      • Alex

        Santon fitness condition hasn’t changed since Ansaldi got injured, and Pioli started to play that little Nagatomo Fuck. He was on the bench, and had been on the bench the whole time.

        • sleimani

          Naga is our 4th choice lb and only played because the rest were in such poor physical condition: and the fb position is arguably the most demanding physically, you need lots of stamina/fitness.

          • Alex

            That’s my point, to Pioli Nagashit was not 4th option. He was third option. He was also preferred to Ansaldi in some games. There should be no excuses to play a piece of shit like him.

    • I miss Marco Branca at Inter !

      well he’s been at inter for 7 years now so according to Inter management he must be the next Zanetti !

    • Playmaker

      santon is our Primavera product, vecchi really know him maybe, and FDB play him in begining season. it means pioli strategy rely on older/experienced player. I still believe santon is our best FB now, what he can do under Mou is still there, never lost. just need consistency and right coach.

      perisic create so much chance, it’s seems he don’t click with icardi or he don’t like icardi tough.

  • Søren

    It’s sad that Perisic CAN play like that, but often not do. Brozo CAN slso play at a high level, but he is to damn lazy in 80 % of the matches! He deserved the boo’ing due to his attitude.
    Eder is just great at the moment! Hope he will prove a great impact next year!

    Anyway, the Udinese players were already on holidays and we ended the season with a win in a practice match.
    Now let’s look ahead and have a world class transfer window!

    • I miss Marco Branca at Inter !

      Well, let me remind you of the most memorable signing in the Ausilio’s era….the first summer he took over the most expensive signing was Dodo, 2 years ago with was K-DOG at 40 mill, last summer it was GABI-ONE-GOL ……this year what piece of junk will inter over pay for now ?? let me remind you that those 3 players amount to 80 million euros……that’s alot of money for a pile of manure……..

    • Margaretrchapin

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  • FB

    What a strange season this has been. Not unhappy that it’s over. Hope to see a lot of guests leaving the retirement home, and the misfits being swapped for a load of cash..
    Management seems to have accomplished their (hidden) agenda of not reaching Europa League, which may in fact be the best thing that could happen.
    Now please work on getting the new coach and team put together as quick as possible to be prepared for 17/18 season. FORZA INTER

  • Yoav Atiass

    when the fans booed brozovic? after his goal?
    nagatomo deserve 2. still shit. udinise player hold him down like he was a 6 years old boy. this Maseto or whatever..still imberessing