Bergomi: “With Spalletti’s guidance, players can make the quantum leap”

May 31, 2017 20:00
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Beppe Bergomi

Beppe Bergomi spoke on the seemingly imminent arrival of Luciano Spalletti on to the Inter bench: “First of all, Luciano is a very good coach who will be able to enhance the quality of players at his disposal. He is a precious rarity in modern football and it is particularly important to enhance a team in which there are several players who need guidance to make the quantum leap.”

Bergomi also spoke on the goals Inter should have: “Any talk of ambitions and goals for Inter is still premature before knowing what the Nerazzurri will do in the mercato and the team that Luciano will have. For prestige and tradition, however, the target must be one of the first four places, that from next season qualify directly for the Champions League.”


Cammy Anderson
By Cammy Anderson
  • casperv

    Agree with everything our legend is saying here, Spalla is well known as a COACH and not a MANAGER.
    Mancini was/is a manager type of coach, he buys the players he wants and if they fail he buys new players – same goes for almost every top coach today (as Bergomi a is saying), but Spalla takes the players asaid and COACHES them into better players, and every player, he has had speaks of him with great enthusiasm!
    Hope Mario stays and learn from Spalla and I’m looking forward to seeing what Icardi will do with Spalla on the bench, who created a goal-scoring monster from the flop Dzeko was last season…

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