Reviews Inter’s 2016/2017 season: Worst Player

June 16, 2017 10:00
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Season Review

As Inter’s dreadful season has finally come to an end, the staff take a look at the year that was just concluded. Yesterday the overall impression of the season was discussed, today the worst Inter player of the season is appointed.

Jordan Russell: Take your pick from either Nagatomo or Ansaldi.

Tin Milekic: Worst in terms of failing to live up to the expectations as well as having a poor attitude was Marcelo Brozovic.

Shibaprasad Bhattacharya: Marcelo Brozovic.

Cammy Anderson: Jeison Murillo. There was lots of excitement about him after his first season but he was downright rotten for the majority of the season, particularly at the end.

Giovanni Trombetta: Davide Santon.

Samer Alfahad: Murillo.

Suneet Bajaj: Yuto Nagatomo, no need to explain.

Jack Portley: Marcelo Brozovic.

Rahul Sharma: Jeison Murillo.

Nima Tavallaey: Marcelo Brozovic. His attitude both on and off the pitch is infuriating.

Mario Gagliano: Marcelo Brozovic. A useless character at this point. His only contribution to this team is to make himself look like a joke on Instagram.

Oliver Fisher: Worst player is probably Yuto Nagatomo unfortunately (because he genuinely tries), but most disappointing could easily be Marcelo Brozovic.

Olof Svensson: Eder.

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By Mario Gagliano
  • I miss Marco Branca at Inter !

    how on earth did nobody say Gabi-one-Gol ? He was soo poor he never played at all and Vecchi subbed in Pinamonti over him so what kind of statement is that !!

    • itzmario

      i blame the management for that. they could have played him but they kept coming up with excuses.
      when he played, he did fine, he didnt hurt us at all. i see this being a more expensive coutinho situation where they “dont fit in” but once they leave theyre good and we regret the sale…. not saying gabriel will be as good as coutinho, but hes not a shit player

      • I miss Marco Branca at Inter !

        I look at it this way…..Good players are wanted by the great teams and sell for a profit……shit players nobody wants and teams are stuck with them and their inflated salaries……which category does Gabi-one-gol fit into ??

  • intersastronale

    Player that should go out from Inter:

    Althou he back in the second mid but still i think Kondo should go.,
    I’m sorry, Perisic (no one want this, i know)
    Gabigol for Loan

    Player that Inter should signed:
    Donarumma (for Carrizo),
    Luis Gustavo,
    David Silva (interisti need surprise),
    Bernardeschi / Berardi (for Perisic)
    Lucas Moura (for Palacio)

    Mission Tom Cruise

  • sheldon phoolchan

    Commentators were right yogatomo was most useless, broz was most disappointing, Murillo was the one to lose most form,,Ansaldi was just an outright shit head and dumbo at times,,but what about icardi’s inconsistent form I know he scored alot but against who..and perisic was dazzling some days and others just a number of fluffed shots and bad passes…and someone told candreva if he crosses a thousand times in one would eventually get in the box to someone… Inter has a lot of talent except Nagatomo and Ansaldi,,, if we could get the few essential buys(good defenders) and get a good pre season under Spalletti we can definitely put a challenge forward to the top 3.

  • Dani Milekić

    Nagatomo is a classic useless player, I never expected more from him in the first place but the way Murillo declined is beyond me. Hopefully we get some money for him. Brozović has the talent but he’ll never make it to the big time with his shitty attitude. Get rid of his ass ASAP.

    • Zselic

      its funny how basically the whole world sees tamagochi as a useless clown yet our sporting director(s)/coaches do not… its beyond me. he must be blackmailing a board member

  • Boudou

    Brozobitch, Nagashit, Ranoshit should be barred from training with the first team until they find new clubs or if they wish, they can spend all year training with primavera. Mou did it to freakin Schweinsteiger, why should we be nice to these leeches ?

    Trust me, in no time they’d be gone but unfortunately Ausilio won’t be doing that. Let’s hope Spalletti doesnt fall in love with naga though, as they always do once they meet him cuz he’s a nice guy you know and he gives free yoga classes…

    Ansaldi, Murillo, Biabia, Santon, Dumbo, Medel, Kondogbia can all be put on the market for all I care, or at least some of them could be sold. It shouldn’t be a problem to find better replacements if Sabatini brings in his connections.

    Sadly, the transfer market doesnt look good so far but I hope, once we deal with FFP, Suning will put their money where their mouth is. We absolutely CAN’T afford to miss the UCL once again. Kids younger than 12 nowadays think that the likes of PSG or City are great clubs and Inter is a joke. It’s heartbreaking.

    • boln

      Because of our fucked up state i cant even laughed at juve lost the final and milan took a shit from donaruma. Man, i think i become numb because almost nothing to cherish from this club present state

    • Zselic

      very well said. if we can allow (and dont get me wrong,we SHOLDNT) to buy Gabriel for 30m just to play him 70 minutes in a season, i’m sure as hell we can allow to terminate some contracts. i identify the japanese clown, ranocchia and medel with everything that happened to us in the past 5-6 years. they represent the utter mediocrity of this team, as long as they are here i feel we can’t move forward. it makes me cringe to think about how many players and coaches came then left while they are still getting paid by Inter and giving absolutely nothing back to the club. this shouldnt be allowed in Serie C, nevertheless at one of the most prestigious clubs of Italy/Europe. we became a paradise for parasites…

      • Boudou

        Rano and Naga for 7 years and counting… That’s why I’ll always hold some grudges against Branca and now Ausilio who extended their contracts.

    • I miss Marco Branca at Inter !

      you should see what the kids 6 years old are saying…..they believe that only Juve wins the scudetto and Roma & Napoli fight for second and third while the rest of the league fight for Europa League 🙂

      • Boudou

        They still know that only inter won a triplete in Italy though…

        • I miss Marco Branca at Inter !

          6 year olds think Atalanta is a better team than Inter….wait a second, if you look at the serie a standings last season they are !!!

  • Azzkikr

    Surprising that Mario Gagliano didn’t say icardi….

    Anyways, I would say it’s Ansaldi. He was so bad that yogatomo had to be used instead in the second half of the season. Ansaldi was also one of the worst passers, often out of position, got a massive amount of yellow card (most in the team) and barely won an aerial duel the entire season.

    Heinous player beyond belief tbh.

    • il Biscione

      Have to agree with you on this one. Ansaldi was a complete let down. Winning less headers than Naga is just pathetic considering their height difference. And now we are stuck with him because of his injury, although nobody would probably buy him anyways. Another shitty fullback we are stuck with.

      Nagatomo is just a bad player and a symbol of everything wrong with this club. Brozovic is the guy with the worst attitude, but he had couple of good games this season. They both deserve a special mention. Murillo seems to have found his real level which is barely mediocre, unfortunately.

      And wtf happened to Medel? Forwards were walking past him during the latter part of the season. He seems to have lost most of his pace. I always considered him as a good squad player before, but now I just hope we manage to sell him quickly before he becomes a complete liability.

    • itzmario

      he was a let down but not the worst player.
      and dont worry, icardi wasnt far too far from being the worst player.

      • il Biscione

        So you are Mario Gagliano? Nice provo with the Icardi comment, but I do understand your antipathy towards Icardi as he is pretty, let’s say nicely, average at holding the ball and distributing it. He has 8 assists, but he’s the master at disappearing during some games – I was laughing a bit when he gave the explanation that he stretches the opponents defensive line and that is supposed to be some kind of an achievement. He could have said his big thing is stretching Wandas “you know what”, but the rest of the team doesn’t care, because he should be active in playmaking like Milito was for example.

        I would like us to have an FC who contributes more to the overall play, but at the current situation there is more pressing matters than CF and it’s hard for Inter to attract a CF that would be an improvement. Have to just hope our instagram star learns to do more playmaking than stretching.

        I’d btw like to thank the Sempreinter staff for keeping this site going – I sometimes bitch to Cam about his translations, but those are really not such a big deal in overall picture, because you guys probably do this stuff for free. I wouldn’t do what you do for nothing but passion and maybe some journalistic experience. Big thank you to all of you!

        • itzmario

          yes i am the mario gagliano haha,

          icardi is a very unique player, but not in a good way. i dislike him for many different reasons, as you put it he is average at holding the ball. im in a slight agreement with that because hes not as bad as i say he is at it, but he isnt very good either.
          he could be a great forward, im the first to admit that, but beside the stats, hes useless.
          “I would like us to have an FC who contributes more to the overall play, ” this is 100% my argument against him, slowly people are starting to realize this. inside the box, he is one of the best, i have to give him credit for his sense of finishing. but outside the box (90% of the game) he is very poor. wouldnt even put him as average.

          if you watch our attack, its bad with him on the field. its forced balls over and over.

          when we play with eder or anyone else, its much more fluid and it makes the defenses job a lot easier.

          • il Biscione

            He’s a very good poacher, but that’s about it. That’s our Icardi.

          • itzmario

            he is, but it doesnt help inter win games. its the sad truth. we can make a lot of money off him and sign players we need/that can fit into a system.

          • il Biscione

            Yeah, but I don’t hate him myself. I’ve always appreciated more the guys who can and want contribute to the overall play as that’s the way I like to play the game, but right now Icardi is still quite fine – although quite limited – for me as our team lacks more on other departments than CF. But in some ways – don’t make me say this 😀 – I blame him for the failure of Banega… Ok, I think it was also about impotent center midfielders and Banega’s not being 100% physically fit, but still… Don’t make me write bad stuff about our captain. 😀

          • il Biscione

            Don’t push me on this, because I’m a bit drunk and it shows on my writing lol. Icardi is ok for me. 😀

          • itzmario

            lmaoo i understand, and i agree 100% on the banega part. banega has potential to make our team so much better, but he needs to be able to work with our striker, not for him, along with any other useful attacking mid/second striker. if icardi had more to offer- dribbling or holdup or long distance shooting or creativity of any sort. then playing for icardi would make perfect sense. but because he cant do any of that very well, it ends up hurting us more than it does good.

            like i say, if he can get a goal/assist with 10 touches per game, imagine what he could do with 30 touches. but the way he plays/progresses/improves, that isn’t going to happen anytime soon, and when it does its going to be too late.

          • il Biscione

            Yeah lol, good night dude! I’ll go and sign a couple of horrible karaoke interpretations before calling it a night – but not about our Icardi.

        • itzmario

          you’re welcome and thank you for contributing to the site, we appreciate it 🙂

  • Matrix23

    It’s hard to point at one name, because most of the current players don’t deserve to wear the shirt, technically and mentally. But speaking from attitude, several player are very selfish and play only for personal glory. I think from this group the worst of them is Brozovic. He must leave.

    • itzmario

      precisely. this article basically confirms this comment,