CdS: James Rodriguez or Lucas could be used in swap deals for Donnarumma

June 18, 2017 19:00
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Corriere dello Sport report that two players that are liked by Suning could be used in swap deals to lure Gianluigi Donnarumma.

James Rodriguez and Lucas could be used by Real Madrid and PSG to try and tempt AC Milan to sell their prized possession to their respected clubs.

The Rossoneri are focusing at the moment to try and sign Andrea Belotti (or Nikola Kalinic) and Lucas Biglia but would surely be tempted by these offers by the European heavyweights.

Source: Corriere dello Sport

Jack Portley
By Jack Portley
  • syahrul sembarang

    I like the way mirabelli manage bilan n their players like he did when he threat snejder n co at inter

  • Sherif Magdi

    what a twisted rumour this is…

  • Alphonse

    A world class player (James) is offered for an overrated, overhyped 18 y/o, who had a decent half season? I don’t believe it.

    • boln

      If this prick had the same height as casilass he would be a mediocre Gk

      • Alphonse

        I suppose your typing of Cas was purposeful..

    • Mamietmoreland

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  • Chris Triumbari

    give credit where its due. milan definitely have smarter owners. not talking about this but with the other transfers. holy shit i realize how far behind we are.

    • boln

      What are you talking about ? They know that they cant buy another players next year because Uefa want to make a ffp agreement with them. Thats why they spend all their money at once

      • John

        That’s funny, because Milan are actually in EL 17-18 (unless they flop the qualifiers). If they won’t be punished by UEFA, Inter have even less to worry about, as we aren’t even going to EL.

      • nozanneti

        Uefa want to make a ffp agreement with them. Thats why they spend all their money at once. ————– so, they take advantage of the opportunity while they can, don’t they ? it doesn’t seem to me like a stupid move, on the contrary. yet, we have “the great strategist”, his majesty ausilio !!

  • InterAlwaysAndForever

    The kid is great, he will be one of the worlds best goalkeepers if not the best! As for a swoop i think he is worth more then Lucas, maybe worth more then James as well.

    • JAY

      Dont think so cuz keepers are not that expensive and he aint no young buffon

      • boln

        Parma s buffon shit on this dollaruma

        • InterAlwaysAndForever

          true that

        • JAY

          All day and night

    • Musavie Abdillah

      For GK to be succeed is not jumping clubs on every turn.
      They need stability.
      They may switch once or twice the whole career.

  • MR