FCIN – Inter looking at Fazio after Rudiger difficulty

June 19, 2017 18:00
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After facing difficulty in trying to sign Antonio Rudiger, Inter are now considering his Roma team mate Fazio FCInterNews.it report. The Nerazzurri are prepared to make an €8 million offer and offer the Argentine defender an annual net salary of €3 million.

Inter are not alone in showing an interest in the former Tottenham defender either. Roberto Mancini’s Zenit are also interested and willing to better Inter’s salary offer by €0.5 million per season.

Source: FCInterNews.it

Cammy Anderson
By Cammy Anderson
  • Aji Faishal Nurhakim

    theres no hype in this mercato anymore….
    maybe ill stop reading inter’s mercato until July

  • 1nteristi

    Gettin worst everyday

  • A. Zanetti

    Panic button for panic buying.
    Can’t sell. Can’t buy. Same shit different year.
    3 million euros per year for a mediocre.
    Inter management at its best.

    • harendro

      You got that perfectly right.

    • Musavie Abdillah

      cant sell is most likely since we’re 10 days before July.
      Hope china’s mercato open soon, so we can send all our deadwoods playing at high-end Chinese league.

  • Ivan the Terrible

    No more Laitn American garbage. Please please please no more ! ! !


    This is the problem with Inter. Buy a player for 8mil. with 3mil salary a year lol. Then they wonder why they are unable to sell deadwoods.

  • Saudijac_30

    We knew our mercato would look like this since it became obvious we were out of CL / or even EL. This is the conceiquence. Everyone who is worth anything will pospone his arrival over here for a year

  • postal

    So does Sabatini know there are other clubs from which we can buy players besides Roma?

  • Walter White

    Wtf, are we after every Roma player outhere? This Fazio fucker is no better than Rano. If this along with Lucas and Skriniar/Muriel is Sabatini magic then we are fucked!

  • JAY

    the only thing that trump said that was right is when he said when the Mexicans come to the USA they are not sending us their best people, same goes for spalleti

    • Carlos Ch Mz

      Fuck you dude

      • JAY

        Lol fuck trump by the way he is mental

  • Alex

    Lol, We have Rano if we want to get this guy! Dumb!

    • Reinhard

      Bro, i think Fazio is clearly an upgrade if we talk about lord Ranno.

      • JAY

        he gets nutmeged all day just like rano

      • Alex

        My point is, it’s pretty dumb getting Fazio. He’s no upgrade to Medel nor Murillo even Andreolli at CB!

        • InterAlwaysAndForever

          i totally agree.