Reviews Inter’s 2016/2017 season: Best Signing Reviews Inter’s 2016/2017 season: Best Signing
June 19, 2017 10:00
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Season Review

As Inter’s dreadful season has finally come to an end, the staff take a look at the year that was just concluded. Previously, the overall impression of the season has been given, as well as the worst signing, the worst player and the best player have all been appointed. We end these series by discussing the best signing below.

Jordan Russell: Roberto Gagliardini.

Tin Milekic: Joao Mario as he has quality, though I don’t agree with reasoning of acquiring him over defenders when we already signed Banega. So we rotated them, and then benched them both, yet still we talk about defenders for how many seasons in a row.

Shibaprasad Bhattacharya: Joao Mario.

Cammy Anderson: Roberto Gagliardini. Steadied the ship upon arriving and put in a number of credible performances but he alone could not have saved Inter’s season.

Giovanni Trombetta: Antonio Candreva.

Samer Alfahad: Joao Mario.

Suneet Bajaj: Everyone will say Gagliardini and I would mostly agree. However, the Gabigol signing is the one that is giving more hope to the fans. He can bring the San Siro to its feet just by being subbed in. Interisti absolutely love him and he is a shining ray of hope of some inspiration on the field. He might turn out to be a dud but that kind of adoration is something I haven’t witnessed in a long time. I was there when he came on against Pescara, you can feel it.

Jack Portley: Ever Banega.

Rahul Sharma: Joao Mario until around January/February, Roberto Gagliardini after that point.

Nima Tavallaey: Although he’s only played half a season since joining from Atalanta in January, Roberto Gagliardini has shown that he is precisely what Inter have lacked in midfield for almost a decade.

Mario Gagliano: Ever Banega. He is the midfielder we’ve been missing since Sneijder.

Oliver Fisher: Roberto Gagliardini is the best signing closely followed by Joao Mario. Excited to see how good they will be in a consistent team and system.

Olof Svensson: Roberto Gagliardini.

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Mario Gagliano
By Mario Gagliano