Sky – U21 Euro’s to decide Berardi’s future

June 19, 2017 03:30
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Sky Sport report that Domenico Berardi’s performances at the U21 European Championship’s are likely to determine his future. Inter are the only club who have showed an interest in recent week but since Luciano Spalletti’s arrival on the Inter bench, the Nerazzurri have cooled their interest.


Cammy Anderson
By Cammy Anderson
  • Naidman

    Berardi is good but still recovering from injury and can really on play on right wing where we have Candreva doing a pretty good job. Bernardeschi better option for leftwing which is where we need to replace Perisic and he can also offer cover on the right when needed.

    Still need cover for the wings away from Eder assuming he stays. Given it looks like Caprari will be on his way out on loan or straight sale and Gabigol will be out on loan as well we need another option.

    While I love the option of getting an Interista like Berardi I think he will not come cheap as Sassuolo value him highly and may be worth looking at Federico Chiesa as a potentially lower cost alternative. He can play both wing roles or even as a support striker, has existing chemistry with Bernardeschi (assuming he comes), is coming off a great season and have significant potential to develop. He is also a fast winger with great dribbling skills which fits in well with Spaletti’s tactics. He was absolutely fantastic in last night’s game against Denmark.

    Ideally we get all three to secure future of Italian football together with Gagliardini but need to save the cash for revamp of defense and getting another proven midfield enforcer.

    • INTERisLife

      Hahaha…… with Candreva doing a what lol hahaha

  • Søren

    So does he have a release clause or do we have a gentleman agreement? Or did we just decide to potentially let his value go through the roof if he plays a great championship?


    Bonucci case 2.0

  • alga

    Come on Saba, go get Berardi, Asap

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