From Spain – Inter reject Sevilla’s offer, Sabatini and the agent…

June 19, 2017 13:00
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ABC Sevilla spoke to Walter Sabatini on Stevan Jovetic: “We do not accept their offer. In fact, this is what I announced a little while ago in Seville. The amount is insufficient, with these figures there is no agreement.”

The Andalusian outlet then spoke to Jovetic’s agent Fali Ramadani, who gave his opinion on the situation: “In a way I understand Inter. They put an option for redemption and, suddenly, they should tell their fans that they will lower the demands for a player who has a lot of market value? There is no logic. I spoke today with Sabatini and was clear. Sevilla can not raise the offer? Well, nothing happens. He said he’d like to stay in Seville, but also knows that it is impossible if there is no agreement between the companies. Stevan, when he arrived in Seville, decided to waive 15% of his salary to get through the process. If he returns to Inter, he wants to get the 15% back. I say this because I want people to know. Jovetic has a lot of offers. But I wanted to wait to see how the negotiations would be concluded with Sevilla. The operation was complex, because they  wanted to reduce his price and salary. Where do the other offers come from? From English, German, French and Spanish teams. It is a shame that Jovetic can not stay at Sevilla.”


Cammy Anderson
By Cammy Anderson