CdS – Gabigol worth €15m & Medel €12m

June 30, 2017 17:20
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Corriere dello Sport have put price tags on each of Gabigol and Gary Medel, amid interest in each player. Gabigol arrived for €30 million a year ago but Inter could allow him to leave on loan with the loan club having a redemption option set at €15 million. Inter want €12 million for Gary Medel on the other hand.


Cammy Anderson
By Cammy Anderson
  • JJ

    and this is why we still have FFP problems

  • Il Principe di Persia

    Go home cds u r drunk

  • I miss Marco Branca at Inter !

    Is inter capable of selling anyone at a significant profit ?? well, guess that’s hard to do when you overpay for junk in the first place !!!

    • Liverpool 39 Juventus 00

      Thank God you are OK Marco. we were so worried that you got trampled when you shit yourself and ran away when you heard a fire cracker at the CL final. You must have been lying on a hospital bed like ‘The English Patient” for over a month. I will be expanding on my delight at your miraculous survival in more recent articles 🙂

      • I miss Marco Branca at Inter !

        My condolences on the losses in the London fires. It really hit me hard. All those poor people helpless in a building because of cheap cladding not to mention when they were running the stairwells were full so that they had no risk of being trampled on since they could not use them. All those family members shitting themselves it’s very very sad.

  • Azzkikr

    lol Inter bought Medel for 12m….

    Now he is 30, unwanted by the club and has only a year left on his contract.

    Only a complete retard would value him as 12m.

    • Binto Baggio

      Spaletti must try him, he is a decent CB

    • I miss Marco Branca at Inter !

      Only a complete retard would value him as 12mill in his prime !!!

    • Giuseppe Meazza

      Shouldve sold him after he won Copa America the first or second time. He’ll probably leave for Boca for 5m

  • JAY


  • TQ

    Same old inter!

  • mongkih

    it must be tutoshit in disguise as CDS

  • ezekiel

    btw, why is Bbilan’s home kits looks much better than ours!? nike need to fired their designer. adidas are doing a better job nowaday..

    • Dani Milekić

      Home kit is just okay but away kit is godlike.

      • ezekiel

        our away kits is much better than our home kits.. SMH

    • Giuseppe Meazza

      Yeah I hate the all black sleeves scheme Nike is conforming us into. Bring back the classics! Sth with collar and uniformly striped would be cool

  • Peter

    WOW. that would make ZERO sense if we loaned him out with a right to redemption of half of what we paid less than a year ago. The kid is 20 years old. I can’t imagine Sabatini would sanction such shit business. Gabi is raw potential and is a symbol of hope for interisti. Hopefully we’re smart with how we develop and deal with him.

  • ezekiel

    15 million!? really!? why don’t give him another season to show his worth with another serie a club!? what a waste..