Sebastiani: Coulibaly isn’t convinced by Inter’s project

June 30, 2017 23:59
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According Daniele Sebastiani, Inter and Pescara have found agreement for Mamadou Coulibaly but the player is yet to be convinced by Inter:

“The boy is not convinced to play for Inter primavera. Right now all doors are open.”

It is said that Juventus and Genoa are also keeping a track of his situation.




By Shibaprasad Bhattacharya
  • 1NT3R

    The boy is smart

    • Patsybsmith

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  • nozanneti

    szczesny _ _ this is not the topic, but I find it interesting :

  • nozanneti

    the boy is right. why to go backwards ? loan him lime you did with gnou and watch what happens …

  • Interfan99

    Can’t blame him, after the gabigol fiasco no sane young player want to come here

    • dipesh

      it feels like we got the wrong gabriel but have we given the lad a chance, 4 games i mean if porto or sporting or even benfica had bought the lad they would have nurtured him

  • Inter4ever


  • kuda

    Just loan him back to Pescara. I hope we can get him, he looks so promising.

  • JAY

    we are trying this hard to get him to play for the primavera team? since when we gave a fuck about our primavera team which is also one of the best in the world

    • nozanneti

      our primavera team which is also one of the best in the world
      —– what world ?!? where are series of OUR OWN first team players ?

      crazy and primitive milanista ballo was the last product, but with lots of faults.

      • dipesh

        cresitig, benassi, destro, bonnuci, pandev these were all inter products, gnou had potential mancini used him till winter transfer window opened and then came epic failure, we need to use the youth team

        • Nidal Safarini

          Out of Bonucci, non of then names you mentioned is even considered above average, all of them are struggeling with their teams

          • Dani Milekić

            Pandev was good back in the day but I agree.

      • JAY

        Benasi duncan miange di marco caldara pinamonti yao

        • haweed

          who’s caldara

          • JAY

            This guy we sold to leverkusen

          • haweed

            you mean caldirola

          • JAY

            Yes luca