Sky: Biabiany’s agent arrived at Inter

June 30, 2017 21:00
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As it appears french winger Jonathan Biabiany is out of new Inter manager Luciano Spalletti’s plan. His agent Davide Bega has arrived in Milan to discuss the future of the player. The future club of the player is yet to be certain.




By Shibaprasad Bhattacharya
  • Zselic

    why does this clown even have an agent?

  • Michael Rojas

    He keeps getting offers but turns them down thinking he’s too good for the other teams but expects to be a starter one day at Inter. He needs to go.

    • eermat

      I have faith that he will end up in Genoa or some other mid-table club. I can’t really blame him for not taking a Czech league deal, I mean thats just not a good league at all.

      • InterAlwaysAndForever

        Talking mid-table clubs… hahah

        • eermat

          He said himself that he didn’t decline the offer… There must be a different reason somewhere.

          • InterAlwaysAndForever

            Thanks for heads up.

      • haweed

        good league for what? is he aiming to win scudeto, cl, cupa italia or win the league top scorer? he just playing for his salary so if sparta willing to pay him his salary, why not? we need to send him strong signal to force him accepting the offer of Czech

        • eermat

          Just because he isn’t Inter material does not mean that we can ship him to any shitty league we want. + HE HIMSELF denied that he declined Spartas offer, so there must be a reason somewhere else..

          Yes we basically need to get rid of him, but the transfer window is still long and he has skill to play in many teams of Ligue 1 and Serie A… If he won’t move until end of the window then we just simply terminate his contract and give him the golden handshake. Biabiany is one of the useless players that I still respect (He works hard and came back to us as a free transfer) + his salary hasn’t been a big burden for us.

          And to answer your speculation on what he plays for, even if he ain’t a high profile player he certainly ain’t only about the money. Just look at his salary with us and compare it to the biggest leach Ranocchia…..