UEFA: Inter rank first in the Europa League all-time list

July 5, 2017 07:30
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Inter Milan rank first in the rankings of the “all-time” list in the UEFA Europa League Cup. As reported by UEFA.com, from 1971 to today “FC Internazionale Milano” have obtained more points than every team in the competitions. The Nerazzurri, who were Champions three times in the competition, won 221 points, 26 more than the second place occupied by Club Brugge KV.

Here are the top 20 of all-time UEFA Cup / Europa League teams:

1. FC Internazionale Milano, 221 points
2. Club Brugge KV, 195 points
3. Tottenham Hotspurs FC, 192 points
4. Sporting Clube de Portugal, 191 points
5. RSC Anderlecht, 181 points
6. PSV Eindhoven, 175 points
7. Juventus , 170 points
8. AFC Ajax, 170 points
9. Liverpool FC, 166 points
10. VfB Stuttgard, 162 points
11. Sevilla FC, 157 points
12. Valencia CF, 157 points
13. Hamburger SV, 154 points
14. AS Roma, 152 points
15. Bordeaux, 152 points
16. SL Benfica, 149 points
17. AZ Alkmaar, 145 points
18. PAOK FC, 142 points
19. VfL Borussia Monchengladbach, 141 points
20. Atlético Madrid, 140 points

The other Italian clubs:

22. SS Lazio, 139 points
36. ACF Fiorentina, 116 points
38. SSC Napoli, 115 points
46. Parma FC, 111 points
80. AC Milan, 85 points
93. Torino FC, 75 points
112. Udinese Football, 63 points
189 . Bologna FC, 34 points
200. US Citta di Palermo, 32 points
219. UC Sampdoria, 27 points
251. Genoa FC, 22 points
313. Hellas Verona FC, 17 points
345. Cagliari Football, 14 points
389. AC Perugia, 12 points
404. Atalanta BC, 11 points
417. US Sassuolo Football, 10 points
470. AS Livorno Calcio, 8 points
659. AC Chievo Verona, 3 points
709. AC Cesena, 2 points
726. Empoli FC, 2 points
781. Vicenza Football , 1 point

Source: UEFA.com

Samer Alfahad
By Samer Alfahad
  • Fahm

    is it a good news or bad news?

    • Arvell Skynative

      actually not good news if we see from the perspective of a ‘big’ club.

      when your team gains too much point at Europa League means you are doing bad at your national league. because to enter the EL itself you cannot finish higher than 5/6 in the league table. And if you don’t finish top 4 in the national league for several years straight means your team has problems for such a ‘big’ club.

      • il Biscione

        Lol. This is an all time ranking from 1971. Back in the old days you went to UEFA Cup when you were 2/3 in your league, not 5/6. Inter has won this cup three times and it’s a proud part of the clubs history. This is an all time ranking from 1971 that’s all.

        • Arvell Skynative

          Oh, thanks for helping me to realize that. 😀
          haha. Yea at that time UEFA Cup was quite prestigious from 2/3 post in the league. And I remember we won one at 1997 with Luiz Ronaldo on board.

          • grilliant

            1997/98 to be more precise. Zanetti also on the scoreboard

      • xraytube

        Though the winner is still a winner and gets entry into the champions league.

    • Munawir Biki

      LOL. Definitely not something you can be proud of

      • il Biscione


        • Munawir Biki

          For me that news is like saying we were too much playing at EL rather than make it to UCL. You won’t see big team like Madrid, Munchen, or Barca on that list.

          • il Biscione

            The three EL participations: 2012-2013, 2014-2015, 2016-2017 are nothing to be proud of for sure. But a lot of those points have been accrued before CL was turned into competition where four best teams from big leagues got an entry.

            I´ll give you a list of Inter´s league positions with which they entered UEFA Cup before winning the competition: 1989/90 (3rd), 1992/93 (2nd), 1996/97 (3rd).

            UEFA Cup used to be quite prestigious tournament, but it has been ruined since the CL format has been changed to include most of the best teams from best leagues. But note that this points list is from 1971-2017. A lot of the points were accrued before UEFA Cup was ruined. I don´t see too much shame in topping this list.

          • Zico 1908

            I agree with you, thanks for letting us know.

          • Munawir Biki

            I get your point and I don’t mean it something to be shame about anyway. What do I see is there’s always an UCL or Champions Cup turnament that always rank higher than EL or UEFA Cup turnament. Finishing 2 or 3 is not a bad thing especially if we won the EL, but still not really that great for me compare to what Madrid achive in recent years for example. My thought is that we should aim higher, cause mentally we are capable to do that, unlike that treble wanna be.

    • grilliant

      this is a bad good news

      • Lajoya


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    • FcInterNj89

      Good news! Uefa cup was a bigger tournament back in the day. If we were on the points list all-time for serie b then that might some bad news. Only club to never play in serie b. Almost as impressive as the Italian triplet imho