GdS: Brozovic told he has no part in Inter project

July 7, 2017 16:30
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According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, Luciano Spalletti will decide the future of many members of the Inter squad.

“There is expected to be a face-to-face with Murillo, who would like a change of scenery after a difficult season. The Colombian could re-unite with Mancini at Zenit, but will cost at least 12 million.

“Outgoing also is Ranocchia (Cagliari or Premier League), and one if not two of Ansaldi, Nagatomo and Santon.

“For Medel, there is Boca Juniors, CSKA Moscow and Trabzonspor, while Joao Mario and Kondogbia are not considered non-transferable and are expected to be interviewed by the technician.”

“Brozovic has already been told that he has no part in the project. With Perisic, the determinant will be his attitude.”

By Oliver Fisher
  • harendro

    Revise it to 3 of Ansaldi, Nagatomo and Santon.

  • Seiya20n

    we don’t want you several months ago…

  • Binto Baggio

    Oh brozo, i think i’m the only one here who wants you to stay, u have the quality but ur attitude makes me sad

  • kuda

    Yes brozovic out, vidal in. Perisic out, sanchez or di maria in. I wish to keep both mario and kondog

  • RokoNZ

    Finally every Croatian will be gone from this stinking club this season. God willing none will ever return. I hate you bitches ever since Mateo made the stupid decision to join you terrible mid table losers. Sanchez to Inter… Hahahahahahahahahahaha. Get real, you guys are mediocre even with shitty Asian money

  • Il Principe di Persia


  • Travis

    I would blow Sabbatini if this happens

  • JAY
    • Munawir Biki

      Need an anchor

      • JAY

        then Mario in the middle in the hole

    • Seiya20n

      where’s Radja?

      • JAY


  • i’ll help you … packing your stuff. goodbye

  • Michael Rojas

    Ranocchia, Ansaldi, Nagatomo Medel, Brozo, OUT!!!

    Keep Santon, and Murillo for at least one more season.

    • JAY

      what has santon showed?, I would keep ansaldi over santon

      • La Selecta

        keep Santon for the home-grown player quota.

        • JAY

          there are other ways for that, he is a flop

          • Michael Rojas

            Ansaldi was more of a flop than Santon this season. He came to us and got injured and when he was playing he got destroyed by faster wingers. I’m not saying we should keep Santon to be our starter but as a sub. We obviously need better backs on both sides but keeping Santon as a sub isn’t as bad a keeping Nagatomo.

          • JAY

            Santon been injured his whole life mentally and physically

          • Michael Rojas

            LMAO and him getting hurt in training the other day isn’t going to get him off the team. I’m just saying, keep him for one more season, his contract is over in 2018. He in no way should be a starter.

    • Graeme

      What about d ambrioso

      • Michael Rojas

        D’ambrosio would be a decent sub. We do need a better player than him though.

  • il Biscione

    And now all we need is a sucker to buy him. Mancio help us, please!

  • matt

    YES! YES! YES! best article of the day…BYE BYE Brozovic

  • Jr
  • postal
  • La Selecta

    J Mario is severely underrated

    • sleimani

      How? Can’t shoot, can’t defend… refuses to play as a winger

      • La Selecta

        we all know what he is capable of. so many players on our squad were inconsistent because of the lack of playing time. i dont remember hearing him refuse to play as a winger. but his technique and football i.q. is solid. he can be great. he just needs to play more. we have no patience. thats my opinion anyway.

        • Il Principe di Persia

          More than agree

      • JAY

        he can shoot, on an empty goal its harder to not score and he can manage that almost everytime

    • kofko


    • JAY

      the opposite