CorSport: Perisic situation remains difficult; Spalletti wants similar replacement

July 15, 2017 16:00
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Inter have asked for more serenity regarding Ivan Perisic and the club expects the Croatian – waiting to resolve a possible sale – will continue to train as he has done so far. 

Meanwhile, today the number 44 should take part in the friendly match against Nuremberg.

“The negotiation is standing and a revival by the Red Devils was announced for days, but United are not on the home straight just because they have the OK of the player,” says the Corriere dello Sport.

“This is because Inter request €50m and because Spalletti continues his pressure: if the player leaves, he wants a replacement of similar value.”

Source: Corriere dello Sport

By Oliver Fisher
  • I miss Marco Branca at Inter !

    What’s wrong Suning? You hired Sabatini so that Ausilio doesn’t blame you for wasting 30 million for Gabi-one-Gol or so that you don’t blame Ausilio for spending 40 million for Kondogbia but now because you wasted so much money on junk that you have to sell before you buy ? what a provincial club this team is…….can’t you do what AC Milan is doing ? guess not since you can’t afford big salaries for big players ! bye Perisic, all the best !!

  • Stefano

    Martial + $ would be a masterful operation .
    Martial is already better, besides…much much younger.

  • hitman

    he wants to leave let him be. get Berardi soooo much room of improvement and quality plus he wants to come Brant another option for Candreva

    • InterAlwaysAndForever

      Berardi and Candreva sharing same position, right?

      • hitman

        Berardi can play anywhere upfront he is really good as a second striker.
        But if we get Brandt them yes Berardi in Candreva position.

        • InterAlwaysAndForever

          Brandt is most likely not coming, Bayer wont let him leave, tho i would like to see him as a part of the our squad.

          • hitman

            Yeah I know is difficult to get him my dream is Reus I really like this player and is a world class he spins around Perisic and is the kind of world class playe that we need. If the management wants to impress us they should go for him he is expensive but his wage are affordable. but is difficult so my other option will Benardeschi I really want to upset Rube.

            There are other alternativies but this are my preferences plus German players has a good history with us well except podolski lol.

          • InterAlwaysAndForever

            P.S. If we want to get back to the top of the europe football world, we should be less thinking about wages and more about players we are hiring, as far as i am informed we have Suning, company that would do anything to take Inter back to the glory days, but yeah…

        • Stefano

          Exactly , Bera plays the left often, he even played center forward on occasions.
          Very different type of player than Candreva.
          Berardi is a pure striker.Candre is a midfielder of the right wing.