GdS: Martial emerges as possible Perisic replacement

July 15, 2017 15:00
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In some ways, the Inter market remains tied to the outgoing of Ivan Perisic. The Nerazzurri are waiting for the revival of United interest and, meanwhile, are thinking of alternatives to the Croatian.

A name that since yesterday has come to light is that of Anthony Martial, the French forward not too favoured by Mourinho.

“There is a a possible interest in Herrera, an intriguing profile, but the new name in the ménage of Inter’s negotiations is Martial,” claims GdS.

“The Nerazzurri market men in fact reported looking for a guy like the French international: a fast attacking winger and who knows how to score. The hunt is on.”

Source: La Gazzetta dello Sport 
By Oliver Fisher
  • Stefano

    Martial +$ ?
    15-20 m ?
    Don’t tell Man. U. but I would take an even, one to one exchange right now.
    If they can pull off Martial + cash then Saba is an effing genius.
    Martial is 21 and stronger than Peri.

  • Stefano

    Luca Toni on Inter/Milan summer mercato, today:

    “Milan surprising ,Bonucci one of the best in the world, but Inter’s situation is more intriguing to me, with an higher, better potential

  • absidani

    no body would replace perisic except di maria , martial ruined by morinho cause he played him as a winger , he is clear forward as mbappe , he can’t replace perisic in anyway

    • bajaninter

      I just read something on this saga from an English site. It appears ManU fans don’t want this deal to happen. They would rather keep their player and I can’t blame them either but what really has me pissed is how they talk. I have been reading about this supposed deal and how they behave is like every player linked and liked by them had to and should go to them because they are the epl. However when it’s the other way around like now to them the deal is impossible! This is why I really would love Perisic to stay!!!

    • Stefano

      Martial not only can replace Peri,he can do much better for us.

  • hitman

    Mmmmm Martial… It migh not work this the problem when you by players with one good season and are young if Manchester untd are willing to add Martial in the negotiations is becausr the kid is not that good thought has room of improvement. I rather get Darmian instead and get someone else for that role….Martial hasn’t impress me an something tells me he will struggle in Italy. I can be wrong.

    • frigo

      Martial doesn’t impressed you, but Darmian did?!?! Sometimes i don’t understand people! Darmian is mentioned for us only because he’s italian. In real world Martial have potential to be player, that Darmian can’t even dream to reach!

      • Carlos Mazzillo

        You clearly didn’t understand my point I clearly say that Marital has room of improvement he struggle last season and yes he hasn’t impress so far he is not consistent has one good game and 6 bad games.

        We need fullbacks Darmian is an option and is decent in his role not a world class but decent so yeah I prefer a him he is way better than the ones we have I never say that Darmian impress me. For me he could be Aussie an still will get him.

        What no one of you know if that Marital if added to the deal will come as a loan with no buy back option.

        So yeah I’ll prefer to get someone else that is more consistant. If I want to give a youngster opportunity than I’ll prefer someone from the primavera instead of a player that it won’t have a buy back option.

  • Zselic

    i doubt we could get Martial for Perisic without paying in addition. but he could solve our left wing for a decade if he’d work out in Serie A

  • STFU


  • Eusebio

    So reports are we want Martial+20mill for Perisic? lol. No wonder transfers aren’t happening with these kind of ridiculous negotiations.. Its like offering 8m for Dalbert when his release clause was 30mill and reports were at the time Nice was asking 15mill. Smh.

  • Serji

    He is a nice replacement for Ivan, if he can find his game, that’s gonna be awesome, still very young by the way

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