Le Figaro – Serge Aurier not called up for PSG’s summer tour – Inter and Juventus are possibilites

July 15, 2017 23:30
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Serge Aurier was not called up to the PSG summer tour in the United States. The full-back, as well as Ben Arfa and Krychowiak, were left at home by the manager Unai Emery. The future of the Ivorian is destined to be away from Paris, this was reported by Le Figaro, which highlights Italy as a possible target of the player:

“This is a clear way to say that we do not count on him for next season. Aurier can still count on the interest of Italian clubs (Juventus and Inter).”

Source: Le Figaro 

Samer Alfahad
By Samer Alfahad
  • Alex

    Watching Dumbobagainst Nurenburg was a good reminder of why we don’t want him as a starting RB. Absolutely useless in attacking. No brain and creativity whatsoever. BRing Aurier now.

  • iman

    I guess Milan will sign him while suning looking to Stick with nagatomo for Asian Marketing

  • harendro

    Krycho and Aurier will be nice..at least some change and new hope…

  • Interista

    We can’t just sign him! We have dalbert taking a non eu spot. We still need a cb, mid, and a winger. I believe we’re gonna get these three positions before a rb (ansaldi and dumbo can get the job done) and then if we still have that non eu spot we will get aurier for cheaper later in the market. For those still nagging about naga and rano and the rest… Chill.. ranochia agreed contract offer same as for medel! Broozovic is definitely going same for jovetic! There remains biabany and nagatomo… We shall see

    • Erik Kolmodin

      Aurier has a French passport as well as an Ivorian though.

      • Interista

        No he does not have! Better fix that wikipedia page ppl keep checking.
        Back in 2013 he applied for it but the French were reluctant to give it to him so he gave up on it and played for Cote D’Ivoire.

        • Alex

          You know that he still get a French passport even if he plays for another national team?!

  • eermat

    Please sign him. He is a total beast on the flank!!!!

  • matt

    get him now or this transfer markets has been a fail

  • Stefano

    Rumors now are that Mou wants him for Man. U.
    BUT..that would mean that Man.U would probably let Darmian go.
    Either Aurier or Darmian,not a bad improvement on the right flank,either way.

  • Sam_Inter

    GO GET HIM !!!

    • Ruthwnumbers

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  • Serji

    Come to Inter man and put Dumbo on the bench finally

  • Mamoun

    And of course Juve will get him and we’ll keep hearing rumours about negotiations with a random RB for 25M from I dunno where and at the end we ll probably start the season with Naga on the left and Dumbo on the right…yay !

    • bumrar

      I’m not sure they can, I hear he doesn’t have a EU passport (which is surprising) and therefor Juve can’t get him as they already filled this years 2 EU slots?

      • Mamoun

        Let s get him then, he s kind of mentally limited but he s at least 10 times better than Dumbo

      • Lajoya

        Yes, Jube signed Bentancur (uruguay) and Dougy Costa (brazil) so more chance for us.

    • hokiM

      can’t agree more…
      probably some new maicon from brazil…