From Spain – Sevilla lose interest in Inter’s Stevan Jovetic

July 16, 2017 23:59
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Sevilla have moved on to other forwards and have left Stevan Jovetic behind. Despite the rush of Jovetic’s agent, Fali Ramadani, the Andalusian club preferred to temporarily focus on other operations such as Nolito. The Spanish newspaper ABC claim:

“There is nothing new for Jovetic at this time.”

The 13M Euros requested by Inter (who know that the transfer of Vitolo has brought fresh cash in hand) made it difficult for Sevilla to make advancements with the transfer.

Source: ABC

Samer Alfahad
By Samer Alfahad
  • INTERisLife

    Every article oh Milan is doing this and we ain’t doing shit winny bitches if the lack of transfer activity and “BIG SIGNINGS” bother u go support Milan or man city fuck if we sign noone else a have to play ranno n yuto and fucking finish 17 in the league am still going to watch every game n wear the shirt with pride So stop bitching n LOVE INTER

  • Inter4life

    Since we’re not able to buy any good players, just keep him. I can’t believe all this bullshit talk about us having 150+ mill euros to spend and get good players but we keep getting mediocre players, even spalletti is upset and he’s just been in charge for a month

  • Patar Ronnie Hatigoran

    Andrea Conti, Andre Silva, Hakan Calhanoglu, Mateo Musacchio, Ricardo Rodriguez, Franck Kessie, Antonio Donnarumma, Fabio Borini, Leonardo Bonucci, Lucas Biglia. Still Belotti on the way..

    Despite rivalries between Inter and Milan, i can’t deny they made really good move, aggressive, not much fuss.

    They’re serious contender for scudetto.

    The only downside is the quality of their coach, but the squad were really scary for serie a side.

    • Pradana Gilang

      it is good for Serie A though. And it will feel better if we can beat them and finish above them in Serie A. Uh, delicious..

    • JAY

      They are not scary they need to click together keep that in mind

    • JAY all we need is her to give the pussy right the following night and he will score a hatrick in 10 min

      • CHRiS

        LOL one of the funnier things you have said. Lets hope it happens week in and week out hahaaa

      • sleimani

        Despite her horse face Wanda does have a sexy base. I’m ok with Mauro scoring goals on and off the field all day, err day.

        But yea, Bilan doing an excellent job snatching up players quickly so the coach has time to name them a team: on top of their insane mercato rumors of renato sanch and morata!!

        • JAY

          to give birth 5 times and still look like that that’s something special

    • A. Zanetti

      That’s why Suning should be ashamed of talking BS and promising too much about their deep pocket. Milan’s new owner only promised 100 million euros, but darn they surpassed 200 million euros within a month, because they have greater ambitions than us. Bonucci, Biglia and soon Belotti/Aubameyang plan show that they came to win and dethrone Rube.

      I read that Spalletti has started losing patience with our slow mercato like Dalbert we’re struggling to seal it asap. Even Sabatini stated that Nainggolan and Vidal are almost impossible to get. We could be easily spend the whole mercato to chase impossible targets here and there and then hit the panic button at end of mercato for another Gabigone or Mario. While in the worst case, I just hope Bielsa’s case will not happen to us.

      • Musavie Abdillah

        All fans, would perfectly understand if Spaletti losing his cool, and somehow not achieve the target, when player promised to him didn’t arrive.

    • Herak Bhowmik

      Possibly Renato Sanchez too

  • Stefano

    Let’s put it this way:
    He is creative , he has a sense for scoring and also he is shit.

    • Jr

      how is he creative? from what i remember he kept juggling the ball resulting in loss of possession.

      • JAY

        U dont know him if u gonna judge him based on those games u shoudnt even talk about jovetic he is a king one of the besr players in the world

  • Buck

    I really don’t mind keeping him. He’s creative, has a nose for goal, and can help this team. He’s just injury prone. Don’t see why we’re trying to get rid of him, unless it’s just for transfer funds of course.

    • Keith

      He’s shit.

      • Buck

        That’s a well thought out reply haha. I appreciate your opinion. I respectfully disagree.

        • JAY

          His comnent is shit i agree with u

      • Manuel Adrović

        dont forget, we were first on the table when he was playing regularly, but our capitano was frustrated… jovetic had 2 bad games and ended up on the bench for 1 year. his statistic is not like from icardi, but he is 100 percent better player for the team. i dont mind 25 goals from mauro, if we end up on 7th place. think about it. we play better when he is not arround

    • Musavie Abdillah

      I agree, he is creative, and talented, got an eye for a goal too..
      Problem: is he fit into Spaletti’s tactic?

      • sleimani

        If he does some work defensively: which he won’t, he could have been used like a perotti. The problem with Stevan is that he still thinks he’s the player that was a master ate fio… but that’s not the case: prem ruined him

    • JAY

      Did he get injured while with us? Never

      • Buck

        Maybe a minor one once if I recall correctly but yeah he was healthy. I meant more over the course of his career he’s injury prone

        • JAY

          He is over it