From UK – Liverpool go all out for Naby Keita, he wants a Premier League move

July 16, 2017 07:30
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naby keita

Reports from England claim that Leipzig’s midfielder Naby Keita is far away from the Nerazzurri after Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool invaded the transfer. According to Sky Sports UK,  Liverpool are ready to offer 65M Euros to the German club. The city’s daily newspaper of Anfield also claims that the talent of Leipzig prefers a move to the Premier League rather than Serie A or any other league.

Source: Sky Sports

Samer Alfahad
By Samer Alfahad
  • Philip

    Do you guys seriously believe that any of those star players want to come to Inter?? Better accept Inter will be behind Milan and Juve when season starts. Spaletti better works out his magic with the current players. Win something then only talk about star players coming.

    • Boudou

      They would want to come if you offer the right amount tho

    • Musavie Abdillah

      With current squad, I don’t think Spaletti would shine.

  • harendro

    A loss against Nuerenberg showed this crop of players are failed..a partial fix, here and there won’t do….
    How hard is to realize that there will be no future with Naga, Biabiany, Rano….F**K!!

  • Alka Rahutomo

    Inter transfer = Old tales. It’s like watching another Disney movies. With nagatomo act as Cinderella. Pffttt

  • Aji Faishal Nurhakim

    still, no concrete move for Inter after all, huh?

  • Herak Bhowmik

    Looks like another disappointing season awaits us. How long will we hv to endure players like Nagatomo, Biabiany?

  • 1nteristi

    One by one our target are slipping going to renew..and so is vidal..we are left with that vecino dude from sampdo or is it fio?? Pfftttttt

    • Mayor inter


    • Eusebio

      Seriously we’ve been chasing big name targets that have a slim chance of coming here, Sanchez/James/Naby/Ninja/Vidal/etc, and are going to let ones that are possibilities slip by.

    • Mike

      The names floating around now are Kroos (unattainable), Vecino, and Duncan 😀