FcIN: Suning interested in signing Duncan

July 17, 2017 22:00
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Suning  is very interested in signing the former Nerazzurro midfielder Alfred Duncan. According to FCInternews.it Inter has already made a bid of 12€ but the Sassuolo wants 18m€ for him. Suning is confidant that they can find an agreement with the Black and Green brigade.

The player won’t mind returning to San Siro either. Which might see him receiving 1.5m€ per year with bonus.


Source: FCInternews.it

By Shibaprasad Bhattacharya
  • Azzkikr

    Duncan and Vecino…



  • kuda

    This is a joke right?

  • Musavie Abdillah

    Vecino is miles better than Duncan.
    While the names seems unfamiliar, but Vecino was great at Empoli, also at Fio.
    We should bet on him, like bilan bet on Kessie.
    This guy is at best Mariga 2.0

  • Chino_Recoba

    Personally I prefer Benassi over this guy. I see him as the heir of Cambiasso. At this age, he has already worn a captain armband. It shows how mature he is..


    From veratti to james to nainggollan to duncan lol. These chink owners are shit.

  • Omar

    Fuck! Jonathan.. Kuzmanovic.. SCHELOTTO!!!

  • nozanneti

    An Inter Milan executive tells us how the team will rule Italian football again after years of mediocrity … really ?!?

  • nozanneti
  • nozanneti

    Mirabelli, together with Fassone and coach Vincenzo Montella, brought 10 new faces to Milan … hmm, fassone .

  • Inter4life

    This is NOT good. We are supposed to upgrade and get better players but we’re actually becoming weaker. I think suning is full of shit right now

    • Giuseppe Meazza

      You’ve got no clue how good duncan is

      • Inter4life

        If he’s so good why is no one else interested in him? Not one club

        • Giuseppe Meazza

          Same reason why not one club is interested in Berardi this season. He struggled with injury last season. Got consistent towards the end tho.

        • Omar


        • common sense

          duncan is good bro.. hes what we need a fighter, same type as nainggolan.. hes good at defense and attack..

          • Interfan99

            He’s not a signing we should make if we want CL.. want a fighter? Allan fit the bill perfectly

          • common sense

            i agree with you that we really need CL, but a low profile signing doesnt mean he will not be able to enhance our squad.. i believe he can definitely help the team. dont get me wrong though.. we need 1 CB, 1 LB and for sure another winger.

      • bajaninter

        He is good and I knew we would have regret selling him.

  • Stefano

    Good squad player, since brozo and kondo are leaving, and an academy product , of which we always need some.
    He is not the big buy we are going to make, he only shows brozo and kondo are leaving.
    Good news.

  • Naves

    From Veratti to Valero.
    From Naingolan to Duncan
    From Di Maria/Sanchez to Keita
    What is next?
    From R.Rodriguez to Nagashit extending his contract.

    • Il Principe di Persia

      Typical Inter

    • FcInterNj89

      Ketia isn’t even a done deal. Plus he’s back training with Lazio from Milan. An old proverb says don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched. I wouldn’t be surprised if that other team in Milan scoops him up. I’m getting tired of watching them throw fake Chinese money around. What happened to ffp? What sort of profit are they going to have to make to cover this shopping spree? Hopefully it all comes back and bites them in the ass. Seriously, Morata AND Belotti now!?!?!?

      • Naves

        According to fassone Bilan is safe for next two seasons if they fail to qualify for CL. This season they have massive chance of qualifying 60% due to 4th CL spot and Inter also have the same chance if some of the clowns are gone and suitable replacements arrive on time.

        • casperv

          I think that’s bull: next year the amarican hedge found who lend the Chinese shitloads of money will want their money back and Milan need to pay back parts of he loan. If they make it into the CL they are pretty save and will be able to pay up but if they fail they won’t be able to pay, and the Americans will come in and are over the club meaning player sales and huge cut backs.

          Milan is build on loaned money nothing else, where as we have a huge company with more money than anyone in Italy and if we fail in making the CL we will still be a healthy club, unlike Milan.

          • Naves

            If I am not mistaken the loan duration is for 2 years with 30 mln to be paid in the early 2 years or something like that. Again they need CL badly the next 2 years considering they have given ridiculous wages to their players.

          • casperv

            No read somewhere it´s a one year loan and Milan will have to start paying back next year – that´s why they are is such a hurry to get a strong team and to return to the CL plus from next summer they too will have to obey to the rules of FFP, so therefor building a super strong, young team NOW is so important to them.

    • JAY

      From duncan to vecino lol

      • Naves

        Lol forgot that one

    • interfan@asean

      The latter one is already done, mate. We know have a pack full squad with lack of spirit and quality

      • Naves

        Thank uncle Aussilo for it. He single handedly wasted millions.

    • Azzkikr

      Indeed, its silly.

      For the first time since the treble, Inter has a capable coach again and then the owners only buy rubbish players who at best are equal in ability to the shite we already have.

  • InterGuy
    • La Selecta

      pretty sure now that perisic and brozo (his good friend) are leaving, he won’t consider coming back to us.

  • JAY