The full schedule of Inter’s summer tour

July 17, 2017 23:30
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The Neraurri will depart tomorrow (18th July) for the upcoming friendlies. The team will first play in China and after that they will arrive in Singapore to play the ICC cup. Here is the full list of friendlies with local timing:

In China:

Inter vs Schalke 04 (21st July 19:30)

Inter vs Lyon (24th July 20:05)

In Singapore:

Inter vs FC Bayern Munich ( 27th July 19:35)

Inter vs Chelsea (29th July 19:35)



By Shibaprasad Bhattacharya
  • grilliant

    got the ticket for chelsea inter game.. hope we dont lose more than 4-0

  • 1nteristi

    Please dont humiliate us

  • bumrar

    Ouch, well that looks like 4 more preseason losses.

    • JAY

      Like every year

    • harendro

      Rano, naga, ansaldi, bia, and brozo as well as jojo still joining the tour…idk why….

  • Tom Sterle

    Does anyone know the Singapore training schedule? Is an open training session (or something to that affect) planned at this stage?

  • Inter4life

    Guys I love Inter but if I was in Milano I would go and protest at the training ground BECAUSE it’s one thing to have low expectations and ambition BUT the management PROMISED good players! That’s why spalletti joined us and left an awesome Roma side that’s in UCL so the management have to keep their promises I swear spalletti is worried read Football Italia. We’re haggling over Dalbert for 20 mill Euros! The player already publicly done everything he can to join inter! Just pay the price already you know we have the worst defense WTF!!! Milan is getting all the players they want within hours lol come on Inter!! What if suning don’t have money and have tricked us all?

    • 10000000%

    • CHRiS

      Being that Inter only really need 4 or 5 quality players to complete the squad, I am surprised how cheap they’re being to get players lol

      • harendro

        We are aiming for top players…be patient guys..

    • hitman

      LMAO Funny there is something similar going around I live in Italy.. Italian my 3 sons are in different categorys on the Inter youth one of them actually made it to the primavera team. So I know a couple of things that are going around.

    • Omar

      Agree with you about the transfer strategy, now, Sabatini in the past did a huge job at Roma for constructing a great team without signing big names and Roma made them big.. anyhow, as for Spaletti, the guy had problems with Roma management after Totti’s saga and couldn’t stay there anymore