GDS blasts Kondogbia: “Lost the ball several times, almost no pass in the right way.”

July 17, 2017 08:30
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“Made errors several times, losing the ball. But he did not get the right touch – depends too much on the left foot – almost no pass in the right way. Yet with Pioli, he was capable of doing so with no issues.”

This harsh criticism came from La Gazzetta dello Sport for Geoffrey Kondogbia who yesterday struggled to fit into the match.

Source: La Gazzetta dello Sport

Samer Alfahad
By Samer Alfahad
  • San Siro

    Kondogbia will come around. Get him some people that look like him, like keita from kazoo and he make the most immaculate passes to him. Watch…

  • inter_island

    Haters gonna hate… K-dog is staying… Deal with it. What you expect when you put him next to old man Valero and piece of shit Brozo and with Nagashit on the side of him… I would only wish for him to leave just to get to play around other real players.

  • Musavie Abdillah

    And….. he dreamed playing for PSG?
    in UCL? whatta joke

  • JAY

    biggest flop in inter’s history?

    • lanvin

      the biggest flop in inter’s history is Fabian Carini to Inter from Juventus in a straight swap for Fabio Cannavaro – 2004, and than
      Francesco Coco to Inter from Milan in a straight swap for Clarence Seedorf – 2002.

      • JAY

        talking about straight purchase

    • inter_island

      I would say Jovetic is bigger. No one even wants that fuck for 13 million.

      • JAY

        U dont know what u are talking about we paid 13m for him before and are charging the same good kuck getting 40 for flopdogbia

  • Mamoun

    Guys, fucking Nurnmberg finished 13th of the german second division, and we lost against them…Friendly or not, it’s a shame, I dunno what s wrong with us!

  • Pradana Gilang

    Maybe change shirt number will help. that ‘7’ is too heavy for any player except Figo

  • Bobo32

    Even during Pioli’s era, this guy couldn’t pass to save his life. Can’t believe we sold Kova for this.

    • JAY

      ppp, and we thought we did good, that’s was the dumbest thing, on par with swaping coco with seedorf

  • syahrul sembarang

    Looks like he’ll be the next scapegoat, after guarin, rano, Too bad for him. I still believe him, but when majority has said no n start mock one player nothing/noone can change it. Even if he do make some progress.

  • Pradana Gilang

    Trade him + 45 m for alexis. Wenger love French with physically long legs. They are recently got Lacazette which probably occupy same position with alexis. That’s would be fair trade.

    • igo

      the only problems is wenger is way too smart when bargaining with money and players, not like us

      • Pradana Gilang

        yeah, too bad. if somehow we can trick wenger, then we can deal with anyone.

  • Alex

    Wouldn’t count on this much. The physical work is really tough, so the players are really tired when they are playing these matches. Vanheusden did well, but I was surprised that he couldn’t run in the match against Nurenburg.

    I saw some of the pre-Pioli stupid dribbles by K-dog and wrong passes, but he did well defensively, and I hope that he would be able to fix those as the team grows..

    • Il Principe di Persia

      Well said.

    • igo

      hope you’re right, but if their mentality is in the right place I think they could do better, like much much better.

  • Boudou

    I’ve never seen a DM with no vision who can’t even make the simplest pass. In his position, every ball lost could be deadly. And sadly, I see no improvement in his game.

  • hitman

    LMAO I knew this a long time ago an he flop big time sell him now before is too late.

    Is a good thing that we have Gagliardini young and talented we lot’s of room to improve, J.Mario still good but needs to be more consistent.

  • harendro

    sell him, time to gamble on another midfield…

  • interfan@asean

    Quaresma V2, send him packing right away. Perhaps our primavera is more balsy than him.

  • VieriTottiDelpiero

    This guy is disgusting. So much time given and no progress at all. I can’t imagine that he costed us over 35m. We lost Kovacic and bought this shit.

  • Theflow

    It was the right thing that De Boer humiliated him by subbing him after 30 min in a match in the last season. He knew that this guy lacked something. Not good enough for Inter. Everyone saw that. But the management hasn’t learned anything.

    • Alex

      De Boer did the right thing. It was then when he stopped his stupid dribbling close to our goal.

      • Aaron

        It was also then when he lost ALL is confidence.Yeah before his dribbling was risky and pointless but he’s good at that..instead of integrating it into his game and improve his passing..we decide to cut that aspect out of his game entirely and now he looks useless which adds even more pressure on him.I dont even like him but it’s ridiculous how many people blame him for everything.THE TEAM IS BAD not only him win as a team lose as one too.

    • Pradana Gilang

      De Boer and ‘right thing’ can not be used in same sentences

    • igo

      if the management ever supported fdb’s action, where would they hid their faces after buying K7 with that holy price? lol

  • Azzkikr

    Inters midfield is pretty awful.

    Cant pass and cant defend, though grandpa Valero will offer some passing ability.

  • Bob

    this guy had flop written all over him when we bought him, you dont pay absurd fees for a guy with his technical or lack thereof ability

  • Il Principe di Persia

    Whatever happens to this team, it’s Kondo’s fault.


    • Pradana Gilang

      You deserve to get many thumbs up.

      • Il Principe di Persia

        I think he’s becoming a media target, just because he signed for us instead of Bilan.

    • JAY

      the new defender was horrible as well, he gets judged cuz of the high price we paid for him , he did not justify

      • Mohamed Kindi

        Yes if we saved the money and took Smalling from Perisic move it would’ve been better

    • Mohamed Kindi

      I think Kondogbia is still a great player, but he would not be successful because we are looking for a defending midfielder in an offensive midfielder, just the Coutinho and Kovacic scenario

    • inter_island

      100% Agreed bro. Don’t forget Nagashit and old man Valero. Why K-dog the scapegoat? Ridiculous.

  • sleimani

    Too limited technically and mentally to be part of a top Série A team: this guy should stay in Spain where he can use his frame as an advantage, I don’t see him doing better in the premiership. You can be very one footed like Thiago motta but it has to be one heck of a foot… I was so optimistic when we signed this guy: he really lit it up with Monaco but now it becomes obvious that he only looked good because of moutinho and Toulalan… limited: discard asap

  • raz

    There are few DMF in the world that can control the ball and has
    technique like Kondogbia has, and it comes with a rare integration of physical abilities. But he has a confidence problem , which happens to many times , and while the time he play without confidence like against nurnberg he is awful and actually a burden.
    he has very weak right foot , bad pass vision and terrible desicions making and kicking accuracy.
    I still have hopes that we will become an efficient player one day , because he has the potential to be a real diamond. However , i’m starting giving up – its seems that his drawbacks outgrows on his advantages and he is very unstable.

    • John

      Sounds like a scouting issue to me. His weak right foot must have been noticed, and that should have been enough to not overpay 40M for his services.

    • Mamoun

      I think I’m giving up for him…You need to be able to play under pressure in this position, he seems to totally panic and makes goal causing mistakes, he had 2 years now to prove us wrong…

  • Aaron

    One word.Confidence…he’s lacking that dearly.

  • Davie

    I remember the smirkey smile on Ausilio after he signed him, thought he made the deal of the century.

  • Herak Bhowmik

    Some of our players r so bad that no one wants to buy them

  • tayo

    He is too sluggish

  • chffo

    Just go to Valencia pls.