GDS: Nagatomo distracted against Nürnberg

July 17, 2017 06:30
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Another one that failed against Nuremberg was Yuto Nagatomo whose performance was described by Gazzetta dello Sport as:

“He lost Ishak twice. He does better when he pushes forward”

Source: La Gazzetta dello Sport

Samer Alfahad
By Samer Alfahad
  • inter_island

    Brozo and Yuto need to GTFO !!! NOW !!!

  • Mohamed Kindi

    I don’t know why we still keep Yuto

  • Winternazionale

    He’s still needed for asian market, that’s all.

  • Wruce Bayne

    man i’d rather see our primavera players as our LB than this footballer wannabe he’s not footballer he’s sprinter

  • Alex

    Glad to see Spaletti benched this piece of shit to Vanheusden. That made me forget the fact that he went with K-dog-Valero-Brozo trio instead of KDog-Gaglia-Valera or Kdog-Valero-Mario or Kdog-Gaglia-Mario

  • interfan@asean

    Perhaps I should not saying this, but so far only FDB is sane enough for not trusting this fucker and playing miangue instead

    • igo

      bro, nobody in inter is sane enough, just look, we extended his contract!! lmao

    • Cdp

      Fdb has good eyes and discipline to his players.. He benched brozo, naga, even subbing kdog when it just 20 minutes in the game.. Basically there is no different when we change our coach.. Pioli had a “not losing streak” when in the end all he got is lose lose and lose.. With fdb we mix it w d l w d l.. Lol

  • Boudou

    Dickhead Ausilio gave a contract extension and a small raise to this clown just a year ago. Never forget that !

  • Antonio

    He is even better when is he as far away as possible from the team… get him out

  • harendro

    why we still talking about him on inter shirt is amazing…

  • Satria

    WTF Nagatomo never get distracted he’s doing yoga for god sake, and look how focus and determined he is in that picture, we should give him a new contract that tie him until the first of august 2017

  • kuda

    Even when we managed to snatch 2 or 3 world class player (which is I doubt), it’s futile if these players like nagatomo, biabiany, ranocchia, santon are still in the team. CB: davinson sanchez/inigo. LB dalbert RB aurier/darmian are what we need for defense. Just throw away nagatomo santon and ranocchia.

  • hitman

    Wait what he lost his target in defence thats something new……. Wait hes been doing that for the last 5 seasons lmao

  • Musavie Abdillah

    I wonder what we gain for the past 5 years in Asian market, against what we’ve lost for having this Nagatomo at our shirt.

    • 1nteristi

      Very good point bro

  • Lajoya

    Serie B level, send him there.

  • Inter4life

    Why not release him? Just why??? We have miangue for crying out loud and he gets loaned out… We never know what to do with our talents

    • sleimani

      Miangue was sold to Cagliari with option to buyback, not loan

  • postal

    That’s some ADHD level distraction.

  • JAY

    I never seen someone that made that much money just because of his eyes, he is getting cursed every day by everyone in the stadium everyone hates him how does he even put up with all this he should just retire

  • CHRiS

    Hmm, he’s been distracted for 5+ years then..

    • susanto r9


  • ezekiel

    he’s done.. need to send him back to japan..