PS – Alfred Duncan and Toni Kross midfield targets, Mourinho says no to Martial-Perisic swap

July 17, 2017 04:30
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Inter’s race for a top midfielder has taken a turn for the better. The editors of Premium Sports focus on the possible Nerazzurri targets in the midfield:

Toni Kroos is a target thought to be impossible: the German is not for sale and the price tag made by Real Madrid is around 70M Euros, which is reasonable for Suning. A figure that is much higher than previous targets Arturo Vidal and Radja Nainggolan, who both are set to renew with their respective clubs. A more realistic target is Sassuolo’s Alfred Duncan, however, Sassuolo have marked him as “unsellable”.

News on Ivan Perisic: José Mourinho has vetoed the inclusion of Anthony Martial in negotiations for the Croatian, with Manchester United, it seems more likely that they would offer cash to get the former Wolfsburg, therefore forcing Inter to ask for 50M Euros.

Source: Premium Sports

Samer Alfahad
By Samer Alfahad
  • Mamoun

    Soon Lionel Messi or Massimo Maccarone as his replacement

  • Alex

    I’d rather us to spalsh 70mil for Kroos rather than anything over 40m for Naingola or Vidal

  • Il Principe di Persia

    How can someone put Kroos and Duncan in one title for his article!?

    • Azzkikr

      Indeed, Duncan as the alternative for Kroos is hilarious.

      Its like having a Skoda as an alternative for a Lamborghini

  • Lajoya

    Kroos has won everything there is, maybe if we can convince him he would come.

  • Mamoun


  • Giuseppe Meazza

    This website is filled with Fifa kids who read tabloid news instead of watching actual football. Demanding dimaria, Nainggolan, Kroos like spoilt little princesses. Duncan is alr an improvement over Kondogbia. We should sign him.

    • kevinches

      i agree, they read articles which are sometimes in line with their dreams and or in line with their nightmares and they react like babies. We as fans can’t do anything about the market, we just have to watch and wait. One thing struck me with Sabatini’s news conference, he said some negotiations are difficult taking a long time while some takes half of a day but the ones that takes half of a day you have to worry about because there maybe hidden problems you dont know about. All Milan buys were done quickly and most of the players were willing to be sold by their previous clubs especially Bonucci, i think there is something Juventus knows that Milan will eventually find out.

      • Mamoun

        Or maybe our management team is not efficient

        • kevinches

          Or maybe we as fans expects to much without considering the club and market present situations, still paying for bad decisions made in the Moriatti era

          • Mamoun

            Of course that we should not expect players like Kroos or James, but come on, it’s been years that we keep really bad players and play them (Dumbo, Naga, Ranno).
            With Spaletti, I was expecting a balanced team that is well prepared, it s been 2 months that we r trying to get a player like Dalbert, come on, and Martinez,
            I mean, all of us in this forum can see that our defense is very weak (that we need, 2 FB , A CB, and a CDM), so t shouldn’t be that hard to find good players like this guy from Sociedad or Aurier.

          • kevinches

            As i said before, is Moriatti who bought naga and rano and gave them big contracts that we cant get rid of. We are not in Europe and the difficulty of the italian league along with the way inter plays, the right players have to be sort and bought. The press comes up with every name in the book to get us excited or disappointed and we fall for it

          • Mamoun

            Ok but it s Mancinidiot who renwed both Naga and Ranno s contracts

  • Walter White

    It seems for me that Suning will not spend much. From Naingolan to Duncan, Di Maria to Keita says a lot. Sabatini is on a thight spot. Talks about competitive squad allready with BIG purchases of Skrinjar, Valero och Keita worries me sleepless. Milans owners opened the chest and bying a great squad and there we talking a big purchases…no bulshit there. We sold our most creative player in Banega and on a way to sell Perisic who is one of the best wingers i a world. A months ago I tought that our mercato will end before asian tour with likes of Ninja, Di Maria and a Dalbert guy and keeping Perisic but as it stands wright now our squad is weaker than last year. Calling Keita ´big purchase´ is a big laugh! Now, last thing Inter need is that Spaletti doesn´t get players he want like Suning did with Mancini. It would make a lot of tension and problems and thats a last thing Inter need. So our Chinese must stop beeing cheap Scots and start to spend god damn it!

  • interfan@asean

    “70M is reasonable for Suning”
    Pffffttttt….how is it possible for Suning to spend 70Mil while they are just too afraid spending 25M

  • Azzkikr

    Haha Kroos, what a ridiculous rumour.

    Yea im sure Kroos would love to go to a worse league, to a serie a team with much much lower squad quality that isnt even playing in europe.

    • Musavie Abdillah

      You forgot one important aspect, Kroos might join us, coz we will offer him lower salary.

  • Søren

    Basically: “There are some totally unattainable targets, so here is a completely different one…”

  • Interfan99

    Duncan will only add mediocrity to our roster

  • Patar Ronnie Hatigoran

    Wtf Start with Kroos then ended up with Duncan.
    Proof how bullsh*t the news is.

    • Azzkikr

      lol indeed.

    • Ruthwnumbers

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  • Chino_Recoba

    Kroos? he had won everything, both club and national. The only factor to attract him is a huge amount salary. For Duncan, a good substitute but not as a starter. Rabiot & Milinkovic-Savic are more realistic target.