Sky- Keita likes Inter, Lazio wants 25m€

July 17, 2017 23:00
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Sky recently gave a new insight on Keita deal. According to the news tabloid, the Lazio winger likes Inter very much and it is expected that the negotiation will begin very soon. Lazio on the other hand wants 25m€ for him.

The news agency further went on to say that, Inter manager Luciano Spalletti likes Ivan Perisic very much and in-spite of the recent saga he would love to keep him. Both the deals of the Croatian and Senegalese wingers are mutually independent as understood by Sky.




By Shibaprasad Bhattacharya
  • I miss Marco Branca at Inter !

    italian news is reporting Inter is not interested in Keita at 25 mill…….too much money i suppose ?

  • INTERisLife

    Yet again on a inter forum under a inter related article there milan comments…why??? If Milan buys an entire team n finishes 10 then what? Every day same shit, no matter how much any one complains or suggest in the comments it won’t influence any decision at inter.if we sign noone else this window every 1 of us will still watch all the games.So stop with the milan bs

    • I miss Marco Branca at Inter !

      you’re telling me that with Inter winless for 2 months you watched every single game ? man what’s it like to cheer for a team that can’t win a game in 2 months ??

      • INTERisLife

        As a true supporter of the greatest club ever I will enlighten u if inter was caught in a scandalous case of match fixing n were relegated n stripped of titles I would still where my MI9 shirt in public n defend it’s name when the many of my Barcelona fan friends try to rage on it if inter were to lose in a major finals I wouldn’t hide under a rock like a cowardly Ruby supporter.
        P:s I did watch every game in that 2 month period

        • I miss Marco Branca at Inter !

          after watching a team go winless in 2 months you are in a position to respond yes or no to this one question……………. was that 160-200 million euros inter has spent the last 2 seasons money well spent ?

          • INTERisLife

            Yes…..know y cause inter spent spend a billion dollars an don’t win shit I will still b hear watching ever game…………… was the money u spent on pjanic n higuiam( couldn’t care if that how u spell either of those traitors names)to help u win the champions league?

          • I miss Marco Branca at Inter !

            Juve turned down 100 million for Higuain so we could have sold him for a profit….if some team is stupid enough to buy Kondogbia for 40 million then clearly Pjanic will be sold for a profit….. i would say its money well sent. How was the 40 mill on Kondogbia and 30 mill spent on Gabi-one goal spent ? oh that’s right, maybe Branca is to blame for those moves too right ? this is the problem with your sporting Clerk Ausilio – he does as he’s told so that he can’t be blamed for any bad moves that’s why Sabatini was hired. If Ausilio had balls he would have said “NO” to Mancini for Kondogbia and it would be the interisti laughing at AC milan fans right now ! with 40 mill you can buy Dybala who Barcelona offered 95 mill for and they turned them down. Everyone wants juve players i wonder why 😉

          • INTERisLife

            Lol it sad with that over 200mil worth of talent u still haven’t raised the Cl in over 20 year….I know y u come hear to this forum n try to troll inter fans it’s because u jealous it isn’t our fault u guy got caught match fixing is not our fault ur in history book as the shittest Cl finalist ever n I totally understand how u feel know that the only Italian team to win the treble is ur rivals…….but please we have all seen what kinda of Ruby fan u r after the Cl So go bug the Palermo forum r something

          • I miss Marco Branca at Inter !

            I will tell you what is sad, spending 15 % of your teams net worth on Gabi-one-Gol and Kondogbia who are utterly worthless !! or my Favorite “Suning las lots of money and they are going to revolutionize the team” …..with Valero and Vecino and Skriniar ?? this is your great Inter, a mediocre provincial team…… can Inter be expected to beat Crotone and Genoa this season with this shit team ???

          • INTERisLife

            Dude still at it huh well post a pic of oldfon raising the Cl and u win other wise no matter what achievement u quote r facts u dig up won’t change the fact the club u support will always be know for cheating n choking in finals……. now go get some sleep it’s late

  • Inter4life

    Guys I love Inter but if I was in Milano I would go and protest at the training ground BECAUSE it’s one thing to have low expectations and ambition BUT the management PROMISED good players! That’s why spalletti joined us and left an awesome Roma side that’s in UCL so the management have to keep their promises I swear spalletti is worried read Football Italia

    • I miss Marco Branca at Inter !

      Actually Spallietti left Rome for the following reasons:
      1 – he said that if Totti becomes management he’s leaving
      2 – he knew that FFP would force Roma to piece their team and rebuild
      3 – Inter offered more money.

  • nozanneti

    the most important thing is that
    ausilio has eliminated fassone from inter and prevented come back of oriali.
    so now he creates the politics of summer transfer hiding behind that guy from roma
    cunning bastard ausilio. …

  • nozanneti

    would you believe, kovačić is likely to end in … MILAN !!
    and even inter is fighting with them … what a shame and disaster !

    • Reza Winardiansah

      The news doesn’t state that he likely to end in Milan.

  • Inter4life

    Meanwhile spalletti is having with the inter directors right now wondering where the signings he was promised are? I’m telling you if we get keita and dalbert we won’t make 4th place lol that our ambition is being 4th while Milan is becoming a beast, their players have a month and a half to gel until the season starts.

    • JAY
      • nozanneti

        kovačić is about to come to milan … see abowe.

        • JAY

          Vidal and di maria and kroos aswell with naingolan

        • Massimo Moratti

          You are about to cum with your daddy on top…

      • Bob

        milan have 1 player who walks into juve’s starting 11 (bonucci), whilst they have improved alot lets stop pretending they have built some powerhouse

        • JAY

          i dont think they are strong but , thats how you sign we straight beg for the whole summer to sign one player

        • Azzkikr

          Who cares how many players they have who would walk into Rubes team? Milans team is not built to win the scudetto, its built to secure top 4 position.

          Most of their new signings would walk right into Inters starting lineup.

        • Saif Eissa

          Sorry bro but bonucci, conte, Mussachio, Biglia and maybe kessie can all walk into juve. And you can not decide if they are good and bad till they feature together 4/9 r new to serie a. Imagine if inter signed Bonucci, Rodriguez, Conte and biglia or kessie and closed the Mercato we will rock you for the next 6 months.

    • intersastronale

      Talking about Milan? You forget Jube fantastic four? Douglas Costa – Dybala – Bernardeschi – Higuain! What a real beast they will be!

    • INTERisLife

      You guys should change ur names to Milan n Ruby fan boys