SportItalia: Dalbert will be Inter player within 48 hours

July 17, 2017 19:00
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The next 48 hours will be decisive for the arrival of Dalbert Henrique at Inter as proclaimed by SportItalia. The agency recently claimed that the long negotiation between the two parties will end soon and the Left back will finally join the Milanese side.



By Shibaprasad Bhattacharya
  • defcon

    “Dalbert will be Inter player within 48 hours” I read that 336 hours ago. talk about slow walking.

    • Dodo Aditya

      agree with you bro..

  • tayo

    Yes.. …we need fast players…. That’s one one the problem inter faced last season…..
    We need dalbert.. .kaita balde…..even biabany with more playing time. ..we need to use young bloods with pace to win big teams.

  • raz

    from first impression Dalbert doesnt look like an exciting reinforcement, and not a glamerous name from a top team, But the LB market is not so broad , and from average ansaldi he is defently better.
    Dalbert is extremly quick , have good technique and creativty. will add extra dimension to our poor attacking from full backs
    now bring aurier/darmian.

    • David Wadzinski

      Hes young and talented. Hes already a good defneders from what I’ve read and is super fast but needs to work on attacking more. Do you remeber the last quick Brazilian defensive FB we bought from Ligue 1?

      • Wynne Putradana

        King jona?

        • A. Zanetti

          Our treble legend Maicon.
          Not our lord Johnny, who came from planet Namec.

          • Dodo Aditya


  • Alex

    Next stop: boot Fagatomo and sign Aurier! Rube is signing De Sciglio so it will be easier for us to sign him.

    • TQ

      I think we will get darmian and crhris smailing for swap with perisic

      • Alex

        No to Shitmalling , yes to Darmian. Still better to get cash for Perisic and sign Aurier…

  • Azzkikr

    Hopefully it happens soon. Not that im overly excited about him and i think he is likely to flop, but im so tired of reading about him every day.

    • Mamoun

      Same in here

    • JAY

      lol, hopefully we don’t pay no 25m

  • InterAlwaysAndForever

    Finally. Welcome and good luck! #fastaslightning