TS – Dalbert an Inter priority, Inter only need the right players to complete the squad

July 17, 2017 07:30
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Dalbert is a top priority for Inter this mercato, Tuttosport claim:

“This is the most concrete negotiation. The last words will not take place before leaving for the China Tour. But the road seems marked – it’s claimed – according to Inter leaders, there’s no need to rebuild rather put the right pieces to complete an already competitive squad.”

Source: Tuttosport

Samer Alfahad
By Samer Alfahad
  • Interista

    Dalbert, cb, rb, kovacic, keita balde! This should be our transfer market come end of July! Keita balde and dalbert seem easy to get. For cm, stop going with superstars, kovacic is the perfect choice. Then we play it slowly with a rb and cb get the best value for those two positions

  • igo

    we’ve had already the chosen ones, rano as captain and tomo as his vice, that’s enough for me

  • JJ

    that’s correct.. we need the right players with a BIG S.. we are still a long way to go and time is running out..

  • Alex

    I understand why we are going for Dalbert before Aurier (cause Faga is more shit than Dumbo) .. But it’s much easier to sign Aurier and he is more proven than Dalbert. PSG also wants to sell… We can sign Aurier, and put Dumbo on the left, if we are unable to kick Nagashit out of the squad and therefore not enough room to sign Dalbert later

  • interfan@asean

    Well….At least we all know if this situation keeps going on until the end mercato, we don’t need to keep our hopes high and sit back watching Inter inter at the 9th position again.
    And then probably suning gonna sell us again and I hope it will be Arabian oil prince for our next owner

  • Deji

    This guy still? We’re struggling in this market while AC is having the summer of their decade smh

  • VieriTottiDelpiero

    We are far behind Juve and Milan in terms of transfers. Milan is spending a lot and very aggressive on bringing new players in their squad. We lost Conti to Milan. Now why we don’t sign with Zappacosta? Are we happy to see Skriniar and Borja? Not at all. Inter must do much more to bring new players!!! We must get rid of many useless asses too.

    • Herak Bhowmik

      Zappacosta would be a very good signing

  • casperv

    Milan have brought a ole new team in and they will need time to gel on the pitch, time they haven’t got in the race for 4th, while we already have the skeleton ready of a strong team it’s players like: Handanovic, Miranda, Gagliardini, Mario, Candreva, Perisic (if they both stay), and Icardi.
    We need to add a left back, a right back, a central defender, one or two quality midfielders a right winger and if Perisic leaves a left winger too…
    So we need the 4-5 players Spalletti talked about the team needing a not a hole new team.

  • Herak Bhowmik

    We need two good full backs, one central defender, one defensive midfielder and a good attacker. Keita is not a replacement for Perisic. And I think any full back should be better than Nagatomo.

  • postal

    We need 2 solid FB’s a central defender, a central midfielder and two wingers (cause Perisic is 99% gonna leave). That’s like half a squad, and so far we’ve taken a bench level defender and an old general who we can’t use in every match.

  • Naves

    I am really doubting the ambition shown by this club not because we are not buying like Bilan but we kept some of the D class players for years and used them regularly. I bet my money that nagashit will not make into fiorentina squad yet he is starter for Inter for many years. Also dont forget our ex captain and some of the other trash.

    • Boudou

      Dumbo just got a renewal bro. He is the future lmao

      • Naves

        He is in The NT now so a sure starter for next season. Scary….

  • Inter4life

    This “already competitive squad” didn’t make EVEN TO EUROPA LEAGUE and got eliminated in a EL group with a Czech team, Israeli team and Southampton LOL on top of that they didn’t even get to the semi final coppa italia!!! What competitive squad? They’re all losers!!! MARK MY WORDS: Valero, Skriniar, (Balde and Dalbert) will NOT take is to the next level! UNLESS we get 3 WORLD CLASS players: ONE for defense, ONE for midfield and ONE attacker. We won’t make it to UCL. We sold Banega and Perisic and down graded. Just watch.

    • kuda


    • Musavie Abdillah

      Id say 1 defender, one fullback, and one midfielder.
      For attacker we only need another vice-Icardi for formation variety.

      • Jakes

        Eder and Pinamonti are suitable vice-icardis. Money from a Perisic sale equals Keita, Dalbert and Aurier (almost). Then spend big on a central defender and a central midfielder. Then we are good to go..

        • Jakes

          ….. and sell/give away deadwood.

    • Stefano

      We really needed another hysterical post about how we are all going to die. …when we are not even one even through the first quarter of the mercato…

      Hyperventilating ,confusing, hardly readable ,too negative post number 103,257.
      How boring.
      They are all the same.

      • Pradana Gilang

        These ‘fans’ spread negativity about mancio one year ago, then we know what happened afterward.

      • harendro

        well….at least sell all of the lords…

  • Gt

    and milan is going to buy morata…so we are not getting nainggolan, vidal or di maria. And suddenly now we are targeting kroos. Yes sabatini is working in silence, but too much silence. We lost against a low profile german team. We need to act now.

    • Stefano

      F. milan.
      Enough with that shady ownership, under investigation by financial international police .
      You guys like them so much, their forum is that way

      • Liverpool 39 Juventus 00

        VVV good point

      • bajaninter

        So true bro. I think Keita and Dalbert will scare teams.