CdS – PSG offer €30m & Aurier for Joao Mario

July 31, 2017 13:30
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Paris Saint Germain have offered Inter €30 million and defender Serge Aurier in return for Joao Mario according to Corriere dello Sport. Aurier is open to a move to the San Siro but his non-EU status could hinder the deal.

The 24 year old Ivorian has two years remaining on his current contract at the Parc des Princes, having joined on a four year deal back in 2015 from Toulouse.


Cammy Anderson
By Cammy Anderson
  • haweed

    let me understand this better, we waited for joao mario a whole season to settle in and the moment he get used to environment and get on form and start delivering, they want us to sell him…no way

  • JAY

    what about kondogbia?, they were interested in him too, we should give them someone we don’t need as they don’t need aurier neither they got munier

  • InterAlwaysAndForever

    I would rather make a deal which includes swapping Kondogbia.

  • Sherif Magdi

    rubbish he has already gone to Man United

    • JAY

      link? every player is linked with man u

  • INTer

    this deal is going to be true. we get mathias vecino someone need to go either mario or brozovic.

  • Christian Vargas

    hell nah! Seems like PSG want to get rid of Aurier, is he that good? has he being a starter? lots of question marks. We dont have time to be selling our best players and finding a proper replacement at this point.

  • Seiya20n

    maybe we should wonder if Veccino could do the same role as JM, cause getting that FB is strongly required for our team-

    • ezekiel

      vecino is not an AM.. he would fight for DM/CM roles in midfield with k-dog and gagliardini..

  • Pazza Zanetti

    Cancelo is better.. he loves the ball a bit to much but that can be fixed..

  • Wynne Putradana

    I am not sure with this guy.. he’s beast but sometimes headless..

  • Herak Bhowmik

    Not a good deal. 30m plus Aurier is not enough for Mario. We bought him for 45m just the previous year. And we don’t hv his replacement.

  • ADRIANO158

    I’m just hoping we didn’t get Vecino to substitute J. Mario the beast.

    • ezekiel

      different type of player and position.. vecino is a tank in midfield and have good passing.. vecino is more of DM or CM, and mario would fight for AM position with brozo..

  • ezekiel

    on other news, inter already reject the offer because aurier is a non-eu player..

    • syahrul sembarang

      Then we go for cancelo i guess or maybe jankto.

      • ezekiel

        maybe.. looks like sabatini already have his candidate for the last non-eu spot.. and it’s not aurier..

      • Il Principe di Persia

        I prefer Jankto

        • syahrul sembarang

          Enlighten me, i only see them couple times. Im not sure which one is the best suited for us

          • Il Principe di Persia

            He ate Perisic alive in the first leg last season

            So energetic with massive potential

      • Azzkikr

        Jankto is a midfielder so that wouldnt make much sense to buy him for RB.

    • miles halter

      really? isn’t aurier a french citizen already? he holds eu passport

      from wiki: “Aurier also holds a French passport, and originally turned down the chance to play for the Ivory Coast.”

      • il Biscione

        Wiki is wrong.

      • ezekiel

        it’s a bit confusing.. but he played for ivory coast since 2013.. according to Corriere dello Sport, he’s a non-eu player. and looks like aurier will join man utd.


    Im not in favor of losing J Mario even if it means we are stuck with Dumbo another year. No deal for me.

    • miles halter

      yeah, considering this circumstance, dumbo isn’t that bad

  • boln

    Hell No

  • eermat

    It seems that PSG really want to get rid of Aurier. I don’t see any point on trading our best midfielder for them when we can just buy Aurier for around 20-25M..

    • 1nteristi

      If the news is true..30 mill plus aurier means JM is valued around 50-55 mill right? I think its a good deal

      • Fez Faisal H

        On paper yes a good deal. On thr pitch its not. We got no real player who can replace Joa. Straight up!

  • Bruno Tome

    If Dalbert is supposedly already coming and there is only one non-EU spot, how is Inter still being linked to Aurier?

    • eermat

      On whom did we spend the first spot? I think we still have two non-EU spots left. I would be happy if we signed both Dalbert and Aurier, but not if Joao Mario is used in any kind of a deal.

      • Bruno Tome

        You know, I’m not too sure about the non-EU situation. I keep reading comments that we only have one spot left. I would love it if both come, but I agree with you, I don’t like Joao Mario being part of the deal.

        • Azzkikr

          Colidio will join in January and take up one spot.

          • il Biscione

            This non-EU slot thing is every summer so confusing. I tried to find put yesterday if Colidio takes a slot and found CdS was reporting 5 five days before his transfer that he has EU-passport:

            But all the news these days say we only have one slot left. So that means CdS was wrong? Wouldn´t be the first time if they were.

          • Azzkikr

            Could be, i have been unable to find confirmation from any other source about him having an EU passport.

          • il Biscione

            Maybe he had a fake one and Inter managers found it out after the transfer lol. We´ve had these passport problems with South Americans like with Recoba before.

      • miles halter

        relax man, aurier holds eu passport