Gazzetta – Murillo & Ranocchia’s futures, the situation…

July 31, 2017 14:30
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jeison murillo

Jeison Murillo and Andrea Ranocchia’s futures at Inter are not clear. Gazzetta dello Sport report that the coaching staff were happy with Murillo on the tour and just a few million separates Inter and Valencia, who have taken an interest in the Colombian. Either tomorrow or the day after, the Nerazzurri could meet the Spanish side to define the details of a deal. As for Ranocchia, negotiations with Genoa are currently at a standstill and his wages are believed to be the reason behind it.


Cammy Anderson
By Cammy Anderson
  • INTERisLife

    Start of the window had slot of Murillo should leave comments glad u all come to see he’s a good player who just needs to learn from some one like miranda at his age he n skirinar could b solid back line for 7+ years

  • haweed

    we should keep murillo. for ranochia, only premier league can afford his wage so forget about genoe unless we offered them ranochia for free

  • Zoki

    I would keep Murillo, this way we have an actual decent CB sub and we can alternate Škriniar/Murillo wtih Miranda, depending on form. Otherwise we are fucked if Škriniar/Miranda gets injured.

  • Reza Winardiansah

    I think we should keep murillo and let rano go (feel sorry for him). Then we can promote vanheusden as the backup for CB, he is good enough though.

  • Alex

    BS. We don’t have any depth at CB. There is no way we lose both of Rano and Murillo. Also Spla rightfully is favoring Murillo over Rano now..

    • il Biscione

      Maybe management wants to replace him with another defender like Inigo Martinez, Mauricio Lemos, Davinson Sanchez, Issa Diop… I would be pleased if they replace him with a possibly better defender. Rano should go, but no-one really wants him enough to pay an actual transfer fee. Miranda, Skriniar, Murillo´+ new defender would be the best scenario of course.

      • Alex

        Amen, But I would rather us have our total focus on addressing FB and getting rid of the deadwood first. Miranda-Skriniar-Murillo trio is solid enough for two competitions. Dumbo is also a decent defender, I classify his defending ability along Bilan’s Rodriguez..

        • il Biscione

          Hopefully we get cb and fb’s. I just wouldn’t be too comfortable if one of Miranda or Skriniar gets injured for a longer period and we would have to rely on Murillo as a starter.

  • il Biscione

    Starting to look like we are gonna once again loan most our deadwoods at best. All news about their possible sales have dried up. Still one month time to offload some of them, but doesn´t look too promising atm.

  • Mike

    My only question ia this: after we let go of Andreolli and Medel, if we were to sell Rano and Murillo as well then who will be the backup for Miranda and Skriniar? I think we will sell one of them then we will buy another solid CB.

  • Pazza Zanetti

    Murillo should stay if there isn’t a big offer.. Ranocchia must go even I like he’s personality a lot.. to bad he’s not good enough..