Hamsik: “I fear Inter, I expect a lot from them”

July 31, 2017 19:00
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Ahead of the new season, Marek Hamsik was asked who he feared most by Corriere della Sera “Who do I fear most between Milan, Inter and Roma? They are all competitive. Instinctively I say Inter, they have Spalletti who is a great manager and has done well everywhere. I expect a lot.”

Source: FCInterNews.it

Cammy Anderson
By Cammy Anderson
  • Lajoya

    I fear you face.

  • Musavie Abdillah

    I really hoped roma fall out of UCL spot race. I really do.
    they lose several players and not replacing them well.
    I hope their new coach wont be as good.
    But mostly, I hope Spaletti can keep his job until end of season.
    Last season has been a circus one.

  • nozanneti

    I fear your jaw.

  • Alex

    I wish De Laurntis had half of the class his team’s captain has. Feel bad for Hamsik for wasting his career in a shitty club ran by a shitty person.

    • zamorano1+8

      come on his career isnt wasted… unlike a lot of other players nowadays he will have a city to come back at any time for the rest of his life and will be treated like a king….
      actually i feel more sorry for nowadays players who switch clubs every 2-3 season. they dont know what they missing. ask javier 😉

  • Azzkikr

    Fear? If Napoli can perform equally well next season, then they wont have anything to fear from Inter thats for sure. Napoli are making far fewer changes compared to Roma, Milan and Inter so Napoli are imo clear favourites for 2nd place.

    Spalletti will be an upgrade for sure, but this Inter squad is not capable of getting 80+ points in 38 games, the player quality is simply not there for that. On the other hand, then i dont think Milan can achieve 80+ points either, Roma are also doubtful in this regard considering their new coach.

    • Aaron

      Really?? I think we can get well within the region of 70-75 pts..the difference would be whether or not we can close out results against smaller teams.No doubt spaletti gets his tactics right against bigger opposition I just hope we don’t take teams that aren’t our direct rivals for granted.

      • Azzkikr

        70-75 is possible sure, but its unlikely that this will be enough for that important 4th place.

        • jackabood

          4th place last year had 74 points and the year before that 67 and 14/15 they had 64. i think 70-75 can get us the 4th spot imo

          • Azzkikr

            We will see, it will almost certainly depend on how well Milan’s new signings gel together and how fast. On paper they favorites for 4th I’d say.

            Napoli and Roma would have to choke alot to finish below inter, considering their vastly higher squad quality.

    • zamorano1+8

      only a few ppl realize that those talk is just strategy… just like last season when buffon, chiellini etc. were talking our team big ;D that was funny.

      • Pacho Nerazzuro

        Ha ha. Naga makes sure Sunning bosses get the CDS and GDS every morning with their fresh roasted coffee, right after their yogatomo workout 😛

        • zamorano1+8

          lmao. easy as that. yuto the milano paperboy. secret about his seven year stay in inter unleashed! 😉

      • Aw.. That FB killer Rofl

  • ricardo latinoo

    don’t jinx us please