Premium Sport – Perisic leaves or signs Inter renewal

July 31, 2017 20:00
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Premium Sport report that Ivan Perisic either departs for Jose Mourinho’s Manchester United or remains at the Giuseppe Meazza and signs a contract renewal. The Red Devils have long had terms agreed with the Croatian, believed to be in the region of €7 million per season but have been able to strike a deal with Inter. Perisic would want a renewal offer equal to or at least close to what United were offering him. For the time being, Inter are working calmly.


Cammy Anderson
By Cammy Anderson
  • I miss Marco Branca at Inter !

    BYE PERISIC !!! enjoy the Premier League…….

  • nozanneti

    Man United finally set to make 28-year-old their next signing – report
    Manchester United are closing in on the signing of Inter Milan winger Ivan Perisic, according to reports
    Tuesday 1 August 2017, 00:00 UK

  • susanto r9

    7m salary would create problems in locker room, icardi is earning 4,5 to 5 if i remember correctly that would create wanda saga all over again

  • Azzkikr

    This Perisic transfer saga is so annoying to keep reading about…

    Dalbert transfer saga as well.

    • Cian T

      Reminds me of the Perisic saga when he came to us

      • La Selecta

        lol i was just about to write this too

  • JAY

    7m? that’s fucking impossible, they were paying ibra 7m, if its 7m let him go for sure he is not that good, bring keita right away, not I see their plan

    • Aaron

      Yeah I was thinking he just wants a new contract …just look how radja played us and alot of other big clubs in the world to get his new contract.. These players really have clubs by the balls these days. If he wasn’t so hard to replace for under 60m..

      • JAY

        its a good strategy as well show yourself unhappy skip the group pictures, stay away to the side when they make u take pictures with them then u get rewarded fat

        • inter lover

          Maybe he is genuinely unhappy about his salery.

          • Pradana Gilang

            because KDog get 3.5 net

          • inter lover

            Yeah and this is what they call healthy competition.

          • JAY

            Well idk if he deserve more than icardi

    • haweed

      probably including tax, no way man u offer 14 mln for him

      • JAY

        what? is the tax 50% in England?

        • Oro_^o^

          Income above 100k pound tax rate is 45%

          • JAY

            damn that fucking kingdom is milking the rich, way worse than the US

          • John

            Yeah, but they have universal healthcare without any concern of repeal.

          • JAY

            We have free insurance in the us as well medical, trump tried to take it away but he failed

          • InterAlwaysAndForever

            so if player earns for example 100k/week he has to pay 45k of taxes ?

          • Oro_^o^

            Well, roughly that’s correct. In italy the tax rate is 43% for income above 75k euro

          • InterAlwaysAndForever


          • Antonio

            No. It is only earnings above the 100k limit. If he got 150k thr the 45% tax would be on the 50k over the 100k