From Spain – Not only Murillo being discussed by Inter & Valencia, Cancelo & Kondogbia…

July 31, 2017 17:30
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joao cancelo

Inter and Valencia are in talks over the transfer of Jeison Murillo. Inter want €15 million for the Colombian defender while Valencia are unwilling to exceed €10 million. The most likely outcome is a loan with obligatory redemption.

Mundo Deportivo report that Murillo’s name is not the only one being discussed between the two clubs. Geoffrey Kondogbia is also of interest to the Spanish club while Inter are interested in Joao Cancelo, who will cost Inter at least €25 millino.


Cammy Anderson
By Cammy Anderson
  • Playmaker

    if we sell him for that’s price , it’s probably like we lost bonucci.

  • Musavie Abdillah

    LoL, Joao Cancelo is at least 25 million, while they wont go up more than for Murillo.
    Do we look like idiot with sugadaddy to them?

  • Eusebio

    Get rid of Kondogbia, Vecino has proven he can play in Serie A and is way better CM at this point.

    • Pick

      We have 6 midfielders for 3 mid. Positions so Kondo. Will stay

      • Pacho Nerazzuro

        Don’t forget Vidal 😉

        • Pick

          Yeah it would be miracle if he comes

      • Eusebio

        We will primarily play a 4231, so Kondogbia is potentially fighting with five other MF for the 2 CM position. JM/Valero are guaranteed to start and Vecino & Gag will see alot of playing time at the remaining CM position… Don’t need Kondogbia AND Brozo on the bench, only one is needed. I prefer Brozo as he can play CM and AM, also he’s a better player.

        • Pick

          Kondogbia was one of the best players at Asia tour except that own goal that could happen to anyone

  • Alex

    25m for Kondo and lets cut our losses … We are dumb to sell Murillo a penny less than 20mil… That’s his market price just like Perisic that has 55mil tag, I wouldn’t sell either of them at this point though

    • il Biscione

      I thought you liked Kondo?

      • Alex

        Vacino has already arrived… and I honestly don’t think he could come back from the howler against Chelsea. Curva dumbasses will start booing him at any chance they could get.

        • il Biscione

          Yeah, I honestly don’t know what to think about him right now. Against Bayern he was really good and kept his play simple. I was really impressed. And then this horror show for him in the next game. Depends a lot what kind of players Spalletti wants for his midfield and what position he has in mind for Vecino/Kondo. Kondo and Inter together just seem to be cursed. Hopefully he gets over that crazy own goal quickly though.

  • boln

    10 mil for murillo loll
    Rather have him as our backup or 3rd cb on 3 cb formation

  • boln

    Cancelo is bad defenaively. Why the hype around this guy

    • Erik Kolmodin

      Pace on FIFA

    • il Biscione

      Prandelli said today Cancelo has all to become a top player. But of course he pointed out Cancelo lacks in defensive side of his game. It’s tempting to think he might learn to defend better and become a beast. However some guys just never learn and I think it would be best for us to buy defenders who can actually defend.

  • JAY

    cancel this shit he is a has been

  • Azzkikr

    10m is too low for Murillo

    I dont even see much point in selling him. Medel is pretty certain to leave as well, if Murillo also goes then it would be necessary to buy 2 CB’s before the window closes.

    Murillo should not be a priority to get rid of, unless a great bid arrives.

    • Pacho Nerazzuro

      Agree 100%. He’s a great back-up CB, versatile (RB) and he has a nab for attacking which would be useful when we need to break the deadlock late in the game against smaller teams playing for a draw. He’s young so he can still improve under Spalletti and compete with Skriniar for starting spot. In this market, we can’t find anyone better for 10mil

  • El Príncipe

    With vecino coming and likely being preferred over kondo because spaletti asked for him, we should definitely use kondo to acquire a solid RB

  • Chino_Recoba

    Give them Murillo plus an amount of cash so that we can obtain Cancelo instead of hot-headed PSG troublemaker.

    • Octo

      Awesome idea. Also we would do well to remember AFCON happens mid-season every 2 years while the Euros happen in the off season every 4 years. We really can’t afford have our 1st choice RB going to AFCON…

    • Zoki

      I’d rather give them Kondogbia, Murillo will be used since he is the go-to sub for CB and without him our CB depth is awful, on the other side with Vecino’s arrival we can spare a central midfielder.

      • Pacho Nerazzuro

        Yup! Kondo’s game will fit La Liga much better. He can dribble all he wants and never have to pass back to the keeper ever again 😉
        I hope Valencia agrees to a straight swap or better even buy Kondo and loan us Cancelo with obligation to buy so Inter can bypass FFP and spend more. It’s a win-win-win for everyone. Do it Ausilio!!!

      • Chino_Recoba

        Somehow I wanna give him a season chance under Spalletti. This new coach had done an interesting work to someone like: Perrotta, Radja, n Strootman. Only if mister Spall eventually don’t wanna keep him, I wish we can use him as bargaining card to buy someone from PSG boutique ;))

        • Zoki

          I think Vanheudsen is too unexperienced to be the go-to CB. He could be used as a sub here and there but I wouldn’t feel safe with him replacing Škriniar or Miranda for 5 weeks for example if one of them got injured. With Murillo we atleast have more than capable replacement.

  • Pazza Zanetti

    Just swap Kondogbia with Cancelo..

    • alga


    • Samson

      this cancelo guy is not even better than d’ambrosio defensively..