PremiumSport – Aurier not a priority

August 11, 2017 06:30
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Premium Sport report that Spalletti does not consider PSG’s Serge Aurier a main priority this transfer window. Inter does not seem to be close to obtaining his signature as the player is interested in a move to Manchester United.

By Mario Gagliano

    Ffs drop the dumbo and get someone that can ACTUALLY play, please!

  • TQ

    Go for zappacosta inter 😉

  • Playmaker

    so next season we still watching dumbrosio. sad story.

  • Munawir Biki

    I like Aurier personally but I prefer to let him go to United so we can take Darmian from them. Darmian is the safest bet out there for our Rb, and then we can use non EU spot for another player this window.

    • Jr

      darmian is pure shit compared to aurier. even dumbo is better

      • Munawir Biki

        Dumbo is better? Are u sure about that?

    • Alex

      Did you watch Darmian against Real Madrid? He was a disaster

      • Munawir Biki

        I’m not watching and it’s Real Madrid after all. Also the season is just started.

  • kuda

    Our mercato score would be 8 by only by signing dalbert, aurier, and borja and keeping key players including perisic. Id be very happy if we can get aurier, and seems like aurier also wants us by two big clues he left in his twitter and instagram.

  • alga

    Hope aurier go to Manchester

  • Boudou

    Of course Dumbo is the new Maicon anyway

  • haweed

    i think this’s a mind game from saba and ausilio to lower the price

  • Il Principe di Persia

    PS aka Tuttoshit.

  • Dodo Aditya

    Why we not try to get Fabinho? #wearesorich

  • Eshay Hazan

    He is not a priority because nagatomo is perfect

  • susanto r9

    Make it a priority FFS, trade him wih kdog..
    Mario is going to flourish this season

  • Vidal_inter

    he’s joining manchester , that’s it…
    we should move one to the other target, Davide Zappacosta …the new zamborotta

  • GoInter

    Swap him with k-dog

  • jackabood

    not gonna be super upset if that money is put on back up CBs and a winger. D’Ambrosio has been quite consistent lately and i think he’s gonna be even better with the introduction of a proper right winger. danilo was held back so much by candreva’s poor team play and selfishness.

    • eermat

      Who is the proper winger that is going to join us then?

      • Vidal_inter

        I think we should keep candreva , it’s a risk to replace someone with great experience,ability and team work skills

    • Vidal_inter

      candreva has become irreplaceable , I’m 100 against selling him, He should be our starter , we don’t need any more right winger when he have mor.

  • John

    Makes sense. We have Nagatomo at RB!

    • Mohamed Kindi

      That sense is nonsense, Nagatomo is a vulnerability to our defense

      • John

        Mate, that was a trolling comment. Wanted to throw it in there, and most people got it.

    • Seiya20n

      wasn’t Naga LB, seems Dumbro is playing as RB lately- But I might be wrong!

      • John

        Many fullbacks play both sides, including Nagatomo – who is right-footed. My original comment was a trolling joke, though, and many people got that.

  • Cdp

    If we have to sacrifice mario for aurier then no.. Just taake cancelo+money for kondogbia…

    • alga


  • Dani Milekić

    Interesting. Why would Aurier retweet Dalbert post on Twitter then?

    • jackabood

      he wants Inter but Inter can’t spend the 30M PSG are asking for. i’m hoping Schick goes to Monaco or Bayern so the management can actually spend on a player who we need instead of someone whos gonna have to contend with an In-Form Icardi, Eder and Jovetic

      • zamorano1+8

        I read that this week there will be the result of the appeal if he can play in uk or not.. Thats gonna be decesive i guess.

        • Munawir Biki

          Appeal about what?

          • ROGUE LW

            He got in some trouble and they don’t know if the UK will let him in to the country.

          • zamorano1+8

            ye he had a fight with a cop or kinda like that coz they were harassing him and after court case he is not allowed to enter uk.

            he made an appeal, result this week afaik. pl clubs will take action after the result or maybe not 😉 depends on the outcome ofc…

    • Zselic

      even he was fed up by nagatomo’s presence

  • intersastronale

    Spaletti must fall in love with Ambrosio, but honestly he is super consistent under Pioli till now..

    • Mamoun

      True, he is super consistent in his mediocrity

    • ROGUE LW

      The 2nd most consistent shittiest player next to Lord naggahoe!!

    • BoBo32

      Spaletti likes versatile defenders and Dambrosio can play either on the wing or as a CB. I thought he was decent last year, much better than he has been before. Though i think he tops out at a high quality sub.