Schick to meet with Inter

August 11, 2017 04:30
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Primo Canal reports that Patrik Schick and his agent will be in Milan to discuss further negotiations for a transfer. this meeting will be vital for the completion of the move from Genoa to Inter. The contract is expected to be for 5 years.


By Mario Gagliano
  • kuda

    Looking at our mercato right now and where it’s headed, we are not too much different than Milan in making revolution. We will end up signing almost 10 players (schick, mor, aurier, and 2 cb). But if we can keep perisic happy in Milan, then we will only change 4 out of 11 starters (aurier included). Meanwhile Milan is changing almost all starter and will have a difficulty in finding the right chemistry.

    In regards to this case, id be very happy to have schick, but I think only if eder/jovetic is or loan him back for a year, otherwise this deal is unnecessary. Mor will come to replace gabigol so it’s fine. Now it’s problematic to choose between eder or jovetic to sacrifice. And none of them is basically natural to be the vice of perisic. So this is only for investment sole purpose but we didnt really need him. Different with let say keita, or any left wings who is mote functionally signing.

  • Lajoya

    If in the end he joins other teams, it’s very disrespectful towards Inter who have patiently waiting.

    • itzmario

      hes stated he wants to go to juve. so yea its already a slap in the face

      • Lajoya

        His agent said he’s disappointed by those thieves tho, so he may change his mind and might join us.

  • Il Principe di Persia

    I thought we have a gentleman agreement with Samp…

  • Musavie Abdillah

    I don’t buy,, unless I see him completing the medical and/or actual photo of him at MIlan, holding discussion with Sabatini/Ausillio

  • Massimo Moratti

    Guys he will play cause I can see us selling Icardi for 100 000 000 next transfer window.

    • inter_island

      You have no say anymore Massimo…

  • El Príncipe

    I think he will be a phenomenal player, I even see bits of Cristiano in his play but it’s just not the right time to buy him. We have icardi Eder and jojo (who will be upset when he never starts), candreva and gabigol (unless he’s loaned) and perisic. It’s hard to see where he fits and when he’ll play, but I hate to miss ANOTHER great young singing

    • Ridwan

      When someday he become Cristiano like you said, then its too late too sign him.

      • GoInter

        Well said

      • El Príncipe

        Absolutely, which is why I said I’d hate to miss signing him now, but what happens when he sits the bench for 2 seasons and doesn’t reach his potential? We can hardly afford not to play our best 11 because we need results this season

    • miles halter

      there is this comment from drewseph in serpents of madonnina, regarding signing schick:

      I’d be worried about that too if we were still in the late-Moratti and/or Thohir austerity era, but with the new owners who have ambitions to really restore the club to its former glory, I can’t imagine us getting rid of the guy who’s far and away our most talented player, let alone our captain. Schick is one of the more promising young strikers around, but it’ll be a couple years at least before he’s on Icardi’s level.

      Hopefully this is less the club thinking about replacing Maurito, and more about thinking “holy shit, we’d better sign this guy while we still can, and figure it out later.”

      • chffo

        Schick doesn’t look like typical No9, even less to a Icardi type of player. He is more SS and in some of Sapm’s games he was deployed as right forward. With Spaletti he’ll get here his chances.

      • Zselic

        he will be never on Icardi’s level in terms of goalscoring. but he has other skills Icardi doesnt. they could complement each other very well tho

      • Enes Aliu

        Maaan you make Icardi like he was some Ibrahimovic. Some years to reach Icardi’s level ???

        The whole fucking team plays for him, he’s a penalty box attacker, if he doesn’t score who is going to score then ? My grandpa perhaps ??

        Icardi is only 24, he’s 21 playing in an average team with an average coach. Coming to Inter with a better team and better coach with a bit of luck he can be the next big thing.

        He can do everything as an attacker. He’s the complete package.

        • inter_island

          is this the Enes from the Inter WhatsApp chat ? You look like Icardi.. Lol.

          • Enes Aliu

            Hahahahaha meh only in this pic perhaps. And nope I’m not in that WhatsApp chat.

          • tayo

            Would like to joim the watapp group

      • Gennadiy Kilimnik

        I card sucks, plain and simple. Last year final matches showed that he is overhyped. I card needs to be sold!

      • El Príncipe

        I think it’s the holy shit part but it’s tricky to figure his place out. Hopefully we do sigh him and spaletti figures it out. Just seeing the gabigol situation and pina coming up its messy


    Wtf does that even supposed to mean? Genoa to INTER? He plays for Samp ffs

    • Paul Khoury

      Genoa is the city in which Sampdoria play in.

      • miles halter

        then it should be genoa to milan, not to inter 🙂

        • Paul Khoury

          yeah, it was worded incorrectly, but Genoa is the city for Sampdoria for clarity 🙂

    • Fiano Anthonio Kerans


    • Søren

      Bro, do you even research? 😀

      • inter_island

        To be fair he’s right. If they say Genoa then they should say “to Milan” .. Not Inter.

        • Søren

          Absolutely. I just reacted to the WTF and FFS / aggressive attitude before looking the teams up..

          • ROGUE LW

            How do you call or label that aggressive? You europeans sure are a sensitive bunch. But hey no hard feelings, (never was there any in the first place).

            Ps. If you want to also sound RESPECTABLE instead of an angry liberal dipshit, try no to be a condescending prick in your rebuttal. I.e. “Bro, do you even research?” Just makes you look like, you think you’re better than anyone else. Especially since there is multiple teams from each city, which requires you to label them correctly, instead of just naming the city, for example Turin vs Rome. Which teams am I talking about? Can you tell?

          • Søren

            Man, seems like you sort of attacked the author there which is fair – if it’s constructive.
            But I don’t know – I could read a lot more into it than I should. Which I tend to do when I see swear words, capital letters, exclamation points,name-calling etc.
            And in regards to how sensitve europeans are: I really can’t say. Some are, some are not I guess. I don’t really dig the whole prejudice thing.

            And listen, I am sorry if you took it as me being a condescending prick and liberal dipshit… I am liberal, but really, it is just a subtle reference to the “Bro, do you even lift” meme, that is used in various ways. I tried to add a smiley to make it seem less harsh – in case you / some other people don’t know the meme-stuff that’s floating around.
            But anyway, context if a difficult thing on a forum – for me, you and everybody. So: sorry about that.

            And in regards to the city label, yes – you are right. I was thinking one thing and writing another as it went pretty fast, so I made a typo and wrote Rome instead of Roma. But I hope you got the derby points, more than the satisfaction of calling out a condescending prick and liberal dipshit in his errors.

          • ROGUE LW

            People read way too much into things that aren’t there, hence why so many people get so offended as easily as they do this day and age. There was nothing prejudice about my remarks or statements, YOU put those ideas into my words, YOUR OWN misconception of what was supposedly an attack, was nothing more than bewilderment at such an absurd confusing statement. Not everyone is as liberals are, and attack who THEY disagree with. If further reference is need, re-read your previous statements. Which if you need me to clear up, I would not mind doing, as most do not see their own faults, as you clearly have but yet are still trying to put off on me, even though you attacked first.

            But above an beyond all that, we SHOULD be focusing on OUR similarities and praise OUR differences, which allows such discussions.

            Forza INTER

          • Søren

            But perhaps people wouldn’t get offended / misread IF people could express themselves without the use of FFS, WTF, !!! etc. And regarding prejudice, then that was in regards to the way you lumped all Europeans together as a sensitive bunch. Not my words, but yours.
            Anyway, I don’t think we will see eye to eye about this, which is funny considering this statement: “as most do not see their own faults”.I guess it goes both ways. I can see why you would think so – and why it properly holds some truth.

            Again, I am sorry you didn’t get the meme reference and that I read to much in to your cursing. We both misread from the original intentions it seems.

            And yes, you are 100 % correct!
            Forza Inter – and me we both witness a great season 🙂

      • ROGUE LW

        Bro do you even speak English? It’s improper and makes no sense, even with Samp playing in Genoa. And thanks to the people stating the Same in support.

        • Søren

          My friend, I just tried to point out, that before bashing with the “WTF” and “FFS”, you could actually Google it. And yes, they should stick to either city names or club names, but – and forgive me if I am wrong – the common Serie A spectator (at least in my humble opinion) knows that Genoa is the city for the two teams due to their rivalry.. Like Toro and juve, Rome and Lazio, Inter and Milan,Palermo and Catania (the one that got an entire Seria A round suspended first time in history!(when I was there to see Inter – Roma!!)) … and so forth.
          Anyway, I am just messing with you. No hard feelings…

  • Inter4ever

    Play this man on the right wing.

    • miles halter

      his left foot is deadly for sure, and he’s a better team player than emre mor. but i don’t think he’s a batter winger than the turkish

      • intersastronale

        he will play second striker to icardi since Spaletti not 100% confident with Joao Mario

        • miles halter

          but that means we are playing with 2 strikers. where would you put perisic and candreva?

          • intersastronale

            Perisic – Schick – Candreva but his role is not as a attacking midfielder / playmaker like Joao Mario, but more to a shadow striker to Icardi.. of course it will risk a lil bit balance in midfield, but Valero is a tempo master..

          • eermat

            Soo that would leave 6 midfielders to compete for 2 positions? Valero, Gagliardini, Joao Mario, Vecino, Brozovic, Kondogbia. Even if we manage to sell one of them, (prefer to sell Brozo) they are not going to be happy with the playing time.

          • Zselic

            then, as things are right now, buying Schick would mean 4(5) players for 1 position…

          • revyrain

            that’s why probably Inter considers selling JMario in swap with Aurier, and selling Kondogbia to Valencia and Brozo to Zenith.

            so we will be left with only Valero, Vecino, and Gagliardini for two CM/DM posts. But since Valencia is restricted by FFP probably Kondog will stay. so it’s 4 players for 2 posts.

            if this is true then our formation is like.. 4-2-1-3 with the (1) is Schick / Jovetic as Shadow Striker behind Icardi / Pinamonti.

            Left wing will be Perisic / Eder and right wing Candreva / Mor. you can even say this formation looks like 4-2-4, since Icardi and his SS will be quite close and probably rotates in-game.

            and if we sell Candreva to Chelsea, there will be a new matured RW to be bought.

            WTF my prediction looks like a super aggressive formation. With Dalbert and Aurier in our back wings.

          • eermat

            I think it would be a big big mistake to part ways with Joao Mario, he showed already flashes of what he is capable last season and he was Motm in maybe 2/4 or 3/4 games in this pre season. He is our most promising midfielder and it would be just plain stupid to swap him with Aurier, a player PSG wants to sell. Plus that would leave us with a short term solution in Valero (2-3years) and only 2 players to rotate. What if there is injuries?

            Maybe Valencia can come up with funds through some sales. If they offload Cancelo + Garay they should have enough to buy Kondogbia. But Zenit has not made any moves towards Brozovic, so I’m a bit sceptical on that.

            I’m also sceptical on playing Jovetic + Icardi at the same time. We have seen before that it doesn’t work.

            You are probly correct on the left wing Perisic / Eder + right Candreva / Mor. But I don’t have high hopes on Mor to be honest.

            I think the best solution would be to buy Schick and loan him back to Sampdoria for 1 season. Or if we sell Jovetic, Kondogbia, Brozovic. We can keep Schick as a SS/Inside forward backup for Candreva on the right.

          • Munawir Biki

            That could be interesting choice actually. Though I think Spal need to deploy Perisic and Candreva a lil bit deeper to help midfielder, and it’s not an unfamiliar job for Candreva, maybe he can even shining there. The only thing we lack however is the partner for Valero in the middle. I prefer someone with muscle likes N’Zonzi or Vidal to bossing the midfield. Maybe that’s the reason why their name were circulating on the media before.

          • Pick

            Don’t worry Schick (if he come) will not be a starter anyway.Rather joker from the bench

          • Pradana Gilang

            In 4-4-2 option, it is still possible

    • Zselic

      dont. he is not a winger. he can drift wide but it would be a waste to have him as a winger. either use him properly or not at all

      • Inter4ever

        With the way he plays. I have no doubt he could become a winger.