Spalletti: “Kondogbia? We can’t keep people against their will”

August 11, 2017 16:15
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Luciano Spalletti spoke upon arrival at Malpensa airport on Geoffrey Kondogbia after the Frenchman skipped morning training: “He had this idea to make a change that arrived from a far, unfortunately to convince him someone promised him many things. But the promises need to be made to us too, it’s not as if we’ve only paid him 2 lire….He said that a team wanted him and we could speak to them, we can’t keep people against their will.

Spalletti also discussed the imminent departure of Jeison Murillo to Valencia: “Jeison Murillo wants to leave. The club have found a deal with them [Valencia]. I am a bit surprised, I made few promises to him; He is a strong player.”

Tomorrow’s friendly with Real Betis was then spoken about: “What do I expect from tomorrow’s race? Great professionalism. Dalbert will play in the game, we will evaluate his condition.”



Cammy Anderson
By Cammy Anderson
  • kuda

    This kind of mentality is what make kondog isnt gonna be big player. His mentality aspect is abysmal.


    Why would Murillo want to go to Valencia? They ain’t gonna win shit in La Liga. I’m very disappointed that he requested to leave cuz I have always felt he is a solid player. Guess Spal felt the same way.

    • Azzkikr

      To get regular playing time?

      Believe it or not, but some players actually still care about that more than sitting on the bench.

    • Majid Alshair

      world cup year, he has huge competition. id love for him to go on load with an option to buy not obligation, but hey; management must know what they are doing right?

  • Boudou

    So Spal wanted to keep Murillo but he wants to leave and management didn’t try to keep him and sold on a discount. I sure hope they have better replacements in mind for him and Medel, cuz as it stands, our defense is shit.
    Miranda we know he can be trusted, Dalbert and Skriniar have to get acclimated but they look good. However the rest is pure shit and there is no solid DM to protect the defense either..

  • Mayor inter

    This is an insult to our beloved club INTER MILAN…he should be fined
    and Valencia should pay what Inter asked or forget about him, if Kondo
    Still behaving funny, we should put him the stand.

    • gcm89

      Inter, F.C. Inter or Internazionale. I don’t know why the british keep using Inter Milan

  • boln

    Kondogbiatch shows no respect. He could just attend the training and maybe just sit in the bench for the match against betis but this biatch skip training to show he really wants to go. Fucking biatch. Interista feels angry with ivan because he wants to go to united, yet he still show professionalim by training and playing match seriously. Unlike this biatch who skip his training to confront himself to the club that spent 40 fucking mil to buy donkey like him. I dont want to see any kondobiatch sympathiser here after this. Fuck you kondobiatch

    • Alex

      Haha calm down bro

  • Inter 2010

    Hahahaha after that own goal he thought: fuck this im out.o a serious note however, he never lived up to his pricetag and imo it is a shame he always got bashed so hard on this forum. he still has the potential to be a good player. lets hope we can swap him for cancelo + 18 million or something. should be a good deal if possible…

    • boln

      After this move it is hard to do that. This fucking donkey wobt be good player because he has no brain

      • Inter 2010

        wow i just noticed he only scored 2 goals in 44(!) games for us. Even Murillo has more goals for us.

        • boln

          We dont buy him to get goals. I dont mind about that. The problem is this guy has no brain and senso of passing, clearly not like yaya toure who is good at making key passes. We bought donkey for 40 mil

          • Inter 2010

            ye, but for 35 million or whatever the heck he cost us he should attribute more. this is one of our worst recent transfers. it really shows how clueless how managment was those days. Mancini probably requested Yaya, but our managment was like fuckt it, splash the cash on a younger version of him who hasn’t done anything in his lackluster career. we all know how it worked out…

          • Seiya20n

            at the end was like 30mm or so, as the bonuses reduced his price a bit